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Advanced Network Reporting & Dashboard

Get a unified view of network devices with advanced reporting & dashboard features

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Enrich Your NMS Capabilities With A Reporting & Dashboard Console

Infraon NMS offers interactive reporting and dashboard capabilities with a secure interface to manage your multi-vendor network devices. Gain a bird’s eye view of network usage, traffic flow, user behavior, inventory, tickets, etc.

Feature Highlights

Dashboard-Led Data Visualization

Gather, analyze & correlate in real-time from all network components & transform unstructured data into actionable & visually-rich insights.

Advanced Customizable Reporting

Customize network management reports based on requirements from multiple teams with an option to schedule any periodic sharing.

User-Friendly Dashboards & Reporting

Access prebuilt CXO dashboards & private/public reports while adding trends, bar graphs, pie charts, etc. Schedule reports to be directly sent to any location.

Other Features

  • Network Topology Report

  • Network Discovery Report

  • Automated Inventory Report

  • Automated Event Report

  • Network Fault & Incident Report

  • Network QoS Report