Network Switch Management 

The process of connecting and maintaining multiple networks to
create a streamlined and seamless network. 

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What is Network Switch Management?

A switch is a vital network component that connects devices, such as PCs, wireless access points, printers, and servers. It enables connected devices to share data and communicate with one another.

Network switch management is the process of connecting and maintaining various networks to form a single, seamless network. This can comprise connecting networks via VPNs, VLANs, or other network protocols, regulating data flow between networks, and ensuring that all linked devices are properly configured and secured. The purpose of network switch management is to establish a cohesive network that facilitates seamless communication and data exchange between devices and networks

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What does Network Switch
Management Software do? 

Network switch management software allows administrators to monitor, configure, and operate network switches from a single location. This software often includes a graphical user interface (GUI) that enables administrators to see the status of all connected devices, modify switch settings, and perform troubleshooting tasks. Examples of switch management software include:

VLAN management

Port management

Quality of Service (QoS) management

Traffic management

Security management (e.g., Access control Lists)

Firmware upgrades and backups

SNMP and Syslog monitoring

Device and port inventory management

Energy efficiency management

Remote access and control

Additionally, the software can generate comprehensive statistics on network performance, usage, and potential issues, allowing administrators to detect and handle any problems that may arise. 

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Command Line Interface (CLI) 

A CLI is a text-based interface for configuring network switches. It offers access to advanced features and enables scripting and automation. 

Graphical User Interface (GUI) 

A GUI is a graphical interface for configuring network switches. It visually represents the switch's settings and is more easier to use than a CLI.

Network Management System (NMS) 

An NMS is a centralized management tool for multiple network devices, such as switches. It offers a centralized interface for setting and monitoring various devices.

Simple Network Management Protocol (SNMP) 

A SNMP includes data about switches. It enables data collection about the switch's performance and settings. 


Telnet and SSH are protocols for remotely accessing network devices. They enable remote switch configuration and management. 

Web-based Management

This is a web-based interface for setting network switches which enables web browser access to the switch's configuration. It is usually more straightforward to use than a CLI or GUI.

Third-party software tools 

Many third-party tools are available for configuring and managing network switches. These tools provide additional functionality and are often vendor-specific. Examples include HP Network Configuration Manager, SolarWinds Network Configuration Manager, Infraon Network Configuration and Cisco Prime Network Registrar. 

Using Infraon's Automated
Network Switch Management 

Save time and boost productivity 

Manually managing device and switch configurations while fulfilling compliance criteria might be challenging. Infraons Network Configuration Manager (NCM) is designed to help reduce switch configuration challenges caused by configuration changes such as device passwords, interface descriptions, VLAN, and ACL modifications.

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Replace faulty switches quickly

The quickest option to restore a failing device is to replace it with a comparable replacement device. After you have stacked up a replacement device, Infraons Network Configuration Manager can help you quickly identify the required switch configuration from a backup and upload it to the new device. 

Resolve security vulnerabilities while remaining compliant 

Executing compliance duties and implementing compliance management standards may be time-consuming and labor-intensive. Infraons Network Configuration Manager is designed to help you adhere to security policies by enabling you to identify and close security gaps in your network. This switch configuration tool can help you minimize audit times by generating unique, user-friendly reports. It also helps to maintain compliance by monitoring network switches regularly. 

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Review proposed configuration changes

User errors usually trigger issues in switch management. Using Infraons network switch management software, users can quickly analyze and approve proposed configuration changes, allowing them to eliminate problems before they happen. The switch management software has a built-in change approval procedure that uses role and access privileges to provide users total control over who can make changes to devices and switch configurations. This simplifies the delegation process while preventing excessive network downtime. 

Reduce outages

Errors in configuration changes frequently result in network disruptions and costly downtime. Network Configuration Manager is designed to help you swiftly diagnose and detect configuration change issues, simplify device configuration and change management, and recover from crises caused by malfunctioning devices. With Infraon's network switch management software, you can monitor and check all of the devices on your network from a single location.  

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