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Event Management

Identify network events to improve service availability with correlation capabilities & other actionable features.

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Eliminate Noise In Complex Networks With Event Management

Infraon NMS helps you get to the root cause of network events and arrive at quick and focused resolutions without any misinformation. Significantly reduce event noise in your network with immediate clarity on network device health.

Feature Highlights

Comprehensive Event Visibility

Get full transparency & visibility into your network events across a multi-vendor network with alerts/notifications for faults, updates, changes, etc.s to discover the incident sources.

Intelligent Alerts

Extract qualified alerts from unstructured network data by synchronizing event management with inbuilt monitoring capabilities.

Automated Root Cause Analysis

Automate root cause analysis workflows to prioritize issues & enable faster resolution. Enable event correlation & identify upstream or downstream dependencies.s.

Automated Remediation

Configure alert management workflows based on predefined rules to identify & resolve issues at a quick pace. Create tasks to handle incidents, requests, changes, etc.p>

Other Features

  • Log To Alarm Conversion

  • Device Health Monitoring

  • Smart Event Correlation

  • Event Aggregation

  • Advanced Reporting

  • Advanced Dashboards