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IT Asset Management Software (ITAM)

Meet business & service goals with end-to-end IT asset management solutions

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it asset management software

Feature Highlights

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Use an end-to-end IT asset management tool to manage lifecycles (planning, acquiring, implementing, maintaining & retiring) to align IT decisions with business goals.

IT Hardware Asset Management

Track all physical components, such as laptops, desktops, servers, etc., to lower the total cost of enabling the smooth IT asset functioning.

Software Asset Management

Centralize & manage the purchase, deployment, maintenance & disposal of IT software components to mitigate security risks and reduce time/effort/costs.

Vendor Management

Monitor performance of your IT asset management software vendors with real-time data – avoiding contract oversights & setting measurable vendor KPIs with complete transparency.

Location Management

Never lose sight of any of your asset needs & track their real-time location status across teams, functions, regions, or premises.

Integrated Ticketing

Unify IT ticket management with an inbuilt ticketing system that offers multi-channel support with self-service options like chatbots.

Network Discovery

Track IT assets that are connected to the company network – accessed by any business user – to better manage licenses and eliminate redundant costs.

Agent-Based Discovery

Get deep-dive IT asset insights at the agent- level, including usage data tracking, while avoiding any network quality or availability issues.

Access Control

Gain control by ensuring least privilege access privileges to IT assets with authentication & authorization protocols – stay clear of compliance risks.

Low Stock Alerts

Be instantly notified by low stock alerts and create a culture of IT asset availability & prevent understocking that can cause business disruptions.

IT Assest Management Tools Features

Key Features

  • KPI Dashboard

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Report Export

  • Custom Alerts

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export

  • Customizable Fields


IT Asset Management (ITAM) is a critical enabler for IT leaders to deliver digital transformation and cost optimization. It ensures that an organization’s assets are accounted for, deployed, maintained, upgraded, and disposed of when the time comes. The IT Asset management team receives hardware assets, tags them first, and keeps them in their inventory. It is tracked during the asset’s entire lifecycle, and the records are maintained in the IATM database.

Any business needs a robust Asset Management solution to ensure that all the purchased assets are tracked and accounted for seamlessly. When an employee raises a request for an asset, it is issued to them. When the employee separates from the organization and returns all the assets issued, the database is maintained with proper information. For BPO operations, the assets are assigned to the business unit, and they are made liable for their upkeep.

A powerful IT asset management solution has numerous advantages. Tracking of assets to ensure that there is no loss of equipment. It also helps centralize and manage the purchase, deployment, maintenance, and disposal of IT software components to mitigate the security risks and reduce time/effort/costs. The IATM engineer can monitor the performance of their IT asset management software vendors with real-time data.

IT Asset Lifecycle Management, IT Hardware Asset Management, Software Asset Management, Vendor Management, Location Management, Integrated Ticketing, Network Discovery, Agent-Based Discovery, and Access Control are some of the IATM solutions used by corporations.

All the components mentioned above inside the IATM framework help the organization save costs, optimize software licensing requirements, and avoid contracting oversights from the vendors.
Built-in alerts help the asset management engineers to move towards procuring new licenses when the old ones are expiring. The alerts also allow them to track the laptops and desktops with older versions of OS and other applications installed. All these measures ensure legal compliance and avoid security breaches.