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What is ITAM for IT Services Companies?

IT Asset Management (ITAM) can be a moment of truth for IT services companies. It plays a crucial role in managing and optimizing IT resources, involving real-time tracking and analysis of IT assets, from acquisition through to retirement.

So, it drives efficient use of resources while enabling compliance with industry standards. This approach also minimizes costs and maximizes utilization, particularly in environments with complex IT infrastructures.

hardware asset management
hardware asset management

What does ITAM do for IT Services?

Infraon ITAM is a comprehensive IT asset management tool designed for IT services companies. It streamlines managing both digital and physical IT assets, enhancing operational efficiency.

This system is integral for optimizing asset usage, lifecycle management, and cost reduction. It ensures proper tracking and maintenance of IT assets, contributing significantly to operational resilience.

Key Benefits of ITAM for IT Services

Real-Time IT Asset Optimization

Infraon ITAM ensures continuous optimization of IT asset management, enabling real-time updates and adjustments.

It integrates the management of purchase, deployment, maintenance, and disposal into a single, streamlined process. This unified approach negates the need for relying on multiple software systems.

Optimized Cost Management

Infraon ITAM lowers the overall costs associated with hardware and software asset management.

It achieves this without the necessity of employing expensive, certified professionals, thereby offering a cost-effective asset management solution. This results in huge savings for IT services companies.

Vendor Performance Management

With Infraon ITAM, it becomes easy to accurately monitor the performance of IT asset management software vendors.

This feature is crucial for avoiding contractual oversights and hidden expenses, ensuring financial transparency and accountability. It provides a safeguard against any potential financial discrepancies or shadow expenses.

Enhanced Security and Compliance

Infraon ITAM offers comprehensive tracking of security and compliance risks. Through actionable insights and intelligent alerts, it allows for proactive risk mitigation strategies.

This level of security and compliance management is important for maintaining the integrity and safety of IT assets.

Increased Operational Agility

Infraon ITAM enhances operational agility by automating and simplifying asset management processes. This agility allows IT services to quickly adapt to changing business needs and technological advancements.

It also makes sure that asset management is not a bottleneck but a driver of operational flexibility.

Data-Driven Decision Making

Infraon ITAM empowers IT services with data-driven insights for better decision-making.

By providing detailed analytics and reports on asset performance and utilization, it enables informed strategic planning. This approach leads to smarter investments and optimizations in the IT asset portfolio.

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Using Infraon ITAM for IT Services

IT Asset Lifecycle Management

Infraon ITAM manages IT asset lifecycles, aligning IT strategies with business objectives. It handles every phase, from planning and acquisition to maintenance and disposal, so that IT assets contribute to achieving business goals.

IT Hardware Asset Management

This feature of Infraon ITAM tracks all physical IT components, such as laptops and servers. By monitoring these assets, it helps in lowering the total cost of ownership and making sure IT-critical assets are smoothly functioning.

Software Asset Management

Infraon ITAM centralizes the management of IT software components. It streamlines purchase, deployment, maintenance, and disposal, reducing risks and operational costs. This advanced approach to software management also boosts security.

Access Control

Infraon ITAM's access control feature ensures secure management of IT assets. It implements strict authentication and authorization protocols, maintaining comprehensive security and compliance standards.

Low Stock Alerts

This feature of Infraon ITAM promptly notifies managers of low asset stock, enabling proactive replenishment. It helps avoid operational delays caused by asset shortages, maintaining continuous business operations.

Integrated Ticketing

Infraon ITAM includes an inbuilt ticketing system, offering multi-channel support and self-service through chatbots. This integration simplifies IT ticket management, enhancing user experience and operational efficiency. It supports a more responsive and user-friendly IT service environment.

Network Discovery

Infraon ITAM helps track assets connected to the company network. It comes with license management capabilities to eliminate redundant costs, as well.

Agent-Based Discovery

Infraon ITAM provides in-depth insights at the agent level, including usage data. This is crucial for maintaining network quality and avoiding availability issues.

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