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What Is Hardware Asset Management (HAM)?

Hardware Asset Management (HAM) entails meticulously monitoring IT hardware and software assets across their entire lifecycle. This encompassing practice encompasses the cataloging, vigilant tracking, and efficient management of all physical hardware components, ranging from computers and printers to servers and routers.

It also extends to the meticulous oversight of software licenses, updates, and patches. The primary objective of HAM is to establish a foundation where IT assets remain safeguarded, consistently updated, and aligned with both legal mandates and organizational prerequisites.

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Feature Highlights

Experience Enhanced Asset Security

Infraon Hardware Asset Monitoring Solutions strengthens asset protection for your organization, allowing you to focus on growth while protecting your critical resources and sensitive data from threats and unauthorized access. 

Optimal Resource Utilization

Optimize resource allocation and drive efficiency through data-driven decisions and experience a new level of resource utilization and operational optimization with our innovative solutions.

Unparalleled Asset Database

Boost your hardware investments with Infraon's asset database, offering accurate tracking, resource allocation, and strategic planning for all your hardware assets. 

Tailored Solutions for Every Business

Enjoy scalable and customizable solutions that adapt to your growth, empowering effective asset management throughout your business journey. 

Effortless Hardware Tracking

Step into the future of hardware management, uncovering newfound productivity through Infraon's innovative technology. 

Hardware Assets Dashboard

Swiftly obtain items to the forefront on a centralized dashboard to minimize costs and mitigate risks.

Features Of Hardware Assets Management Software 

Hardware asset management manages an organization's physical hardware assets, From acquisition to disposal. 


It involves the process of obtaining hardware assets through purchase or leasing. Acquisition typically includes:

  • Research potential hardware items.
  • Determining compatibility with existing systems.
  • Negotiating contracts.
  • Purchasing or leasing hardware.
  • Setting up the hardware


The inventory process is critical to the Hardware Asset Management lifecycle since it guarantees that the organization effectively controls and manages its assets. The inventory process can handle physical items like

  • Computers
  • Servers
  • Other IT equipment
  • Software licenses
  • Other digital assets


Delivering hardware into an organization's IT environment, assigning it to users, and configuring and installing the hardware assets in its environment are all part of hardware asset deployment. Deployment is part of

  • Hardware installation
  • Software installation
  • Configuration
  • Integration with current IT systems


Updating hardware assets and ensuring optimal performance is part of maintenance. HAM enables organizations to have.

  • Dependable
  • Cost-effective
  • Efficient hardware
  • Extending the life of hardware assets


Retirement is a crucial step in the HAM lifecycle, encompassing the decommissioning and disposal of hardware assets. Trust our streamlined retirement process to

  • Safeguard your data.
  • Optimize asset utilization.
  • Maintain compliance with industry standards.


Reporting in the Hardware Asset Management (HAM) lifecycle entails acquiring and analyzing data about an organization's hardware assets. Infraon's HAM enables users to track:

  • Asset age,
  • Asset location and cost
  • Availability
  • Utilization
  • Maintenance history

How Infraon Hardware Asset Management (HAM) Works

Infraon's Hardware Asset Management (HAM) is a comprehensive solution for businesses wanting to gain control of their IT hardware assets. It provides a complete view of all hardware assets, from initial purchase to disposal.

HAM enables organizations to gain visibility of their IT hardware assets, track their usage and depreciation, and automate the entire hardware asset lifecycle. It includes Asset Tracking, Asset Lifecycle Management, Asset Maintenance, Reports, Audits, and Security.

Get the 360 Insight over your equipment

Manage Assets throughout their lifecycle in a dashboard.

Gain insight into your complete pieces of equipment and minimize risk.

Automate the lifecycle management process.

Track the status of your assets until their disposal.

Key Features

  • Custom Reports 

  • Scheduled Reports 

  • Customizable Fields 

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export 

  • Custom Alerts 

  • Discovery

  • KPI Dashboard 

  • Integrations

  • Tracking

  • Queries

Dashboards and reports for IT, Hardware, and Software Assets


Hardware Asset Management (HAM) manages physical components (desktops, laptops, IP phones, printers, etc.) and computer networks from the procurement to the retirement stage of assets. A robust HAM solution will give complete visibility to the administrators to check on all the hardware assets, their allocation, condition, etc. It allows the organization to save money by standardizing IT assets.

Hardware asset management (HAM) is a process that helps the IT administrators in an organization to create accountability and transparency with the IT hardware assigned to projects and employees. The key features of HAM are- asset lifecycle management, asset stock and inventory module, integrated ticketing, vendor management, access control barcode, and QR scanning, history tracking, and location tracking. The asset is tagged to the employee from the onboarding until the employee’s separation. If the employee fails to return the assets, it is deducted from their full and final settlement amount.

The HAM software helps the organization save costs and manage the lifespan of the assets seamlessly. It also increases productivity by ensuring that one employee should not hold multiple assets. It saves time in procuring and maintaining hardware assets and improves business agility. It also increases the IT administrator’s control over IT inventories. Minimizes asset theft and increases prompt tracking if a hardware asset is missing from the network.

Centralized information about all assets can be found on one portal through a robust HAM solution which can help the IT administrators to manage them well and propose solutions for reducing costs. Assume that extra assets are underutilized in one business unit and another requires assets. Instead of entering into a new lease to acquire new assets, the two business units can collaborate to find a solution. The assets can be moved through the inter-departmental asset movement mechanism.

HAM increases business agility by tracking the hardware assets of an organization. It helps report the assets comprehensively leased by an organization to the leaders and the CTO. The business units will see the costs incurred due to the number of assets allocated to their unit and the payment made to the vendor for the lease contract. This helps each unit maintain its profit and loss balance sheet and check its profitability.

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