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What is Asset Verification?

Equipment Maintenance Software is a tool used to track and manage the maintenance of equipment and assets. It can be used to schedule and track maintenance tasks, create work orders, and track equipment inventory.

The software can be used to generate reports on the maintenance history of equipment and to forecast future maintenance needs. Staying on top of equipment maintenance ensures that there is zero downtime.

Server management and application management
Server management and application management

What does Asset Verification Software do?

Infraon's asset verification software helps organizations track and manage their physical and digital assets. The software provides a comprehensive and centralized view of an organization's assets, including location, status, and utilization.

It also allows organizations to verify their asset records' accuracy and identify and correct errors. Furthermore, you can track and manage assets in real-time to verify the authenticity of assets, with the ability to integrate with other software applications. You can also generate reports on asset verification and be audit-ready. 

Key benefits of Asset Verification Solution

Reduce operational costs

By automating critical maintenance tasks, Infraon's equipment maintenance software can help your team work more efficiently and get more done in less time. This can free up time for other jobs and projects and ultimately help increase your team's overall productivity. 

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hardware asset management

Increased accuracy 

Infraon's asset verification software helps improve the efficiency of an organization. More accurate information on assets can help you make better decisions about allocating your resources. The software enables reliable and efficient asset management, driving cost savings and better asset usage. It can lead to improved operational efficiency and effectiveness. 

Enhanced security 

Infraon's asset verification software provides enhanced security by allowing users to verify the identity of an asset before authorizing access. It ensures that only authorized users can access sensitive information, providing an audit trail of all asset access attempts so that any unauthorized access attempts can be traced and investigated. 

Server management and application management
hardware asset management

Improved operational efficiency 

Asset verification software allows users to quickly and easily verify the authenticity of their assets. The verification can save businesses a significant amount of time and money and improve the overall security of their operations. Additionally, the software's improved accuracy can help prevent fraud and ensure compliance with regulations. 

Using Infraon's Asset Verification Solution

Identify and track asset location 

Infraon's asset verification software helps organizations keep track of their assets and ensure that they are being used in the most efficient way possible. Tracking asset location enables asset reservation and ensures you know where your asset is and who is using it in real time. It also helps optimize asset utilization and minimize downtime. 

Server management and application management
hardware asset management

Get asset audit reports  

You can generate audit reports periodically to assess the integrity of asset management and the organization's financial performance. The audit reports provide data-driven insights by reporting on inadequate, ineffective or underutilized assets. Auditing helps ensure that you always know your asset inventory and location. 

Centralized dashboard  

You can use the centralized dashboard in Infraon's asset verification software to provide users with a single, consolidated view of all assets under management. The dashboard allows users to quickly and easily see which assets are verified, which are not, and what needs to be done to verify each asset. It also makes it easy to track asset verification progress over time and identify trends with reports and analytics. 

Server management and application management
hardware asset management

Get actionable insights 

Infraon's asset verification software can help your operational efficiency by providing you with actionable insights into your asset data. You can track and monitor your asset data in real time and identify trends and patterns that can help you to improve your asset management strategy. Additionally, you can verify the accuracy of your asset data and ensure that your assets are properly maintained and utilized. 

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