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Link Monitoring

Manage network performance with advanced link monitoring.

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Fix issues quickly with a network link monitoring tool

Infraon Uptime’s Link Monitoring feature monitors the physical state of the interface and network to identify the root cause of bottlenecks and performance degradation. Identify issues with real-time reports on availability.

Key Feature

Link Monitoring

Get the bigger picture of your multi-vendor network performance, any spikes in traffic, or entry of unfamiliar devices with an end-to-end link monitoring tool .

Link Discovery

Identify and track the physical interface, hardware, software, data transfers or transmissions performed between client and server, or program-to-program.

Other Features

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Report Exports

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Custom Alerts

  • Customizable Fields

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Links are the plugs, sockets, cables, and electrical signals traveling through a network. Every link implies a function. Link monitoring monitors the physical status of an interface. Unresponsive or broken links are bad for organizations and can cause a bad user experience, reducing revenue and losing customer trust.

Enterprises need link monitoring tools to fix issues faster to avoid downtime. It reduces the heavy workloads of IT teams and helps you stay ahead of IT outages. Moreover, the right link monitoring tool manages fluctuations, prevents suspicious activity, and delivers immediate ROI.

Link monitoring tool tells you what typical performance looks like, making it easy to locate what is out of the ordinary—whether it's a spike in traffic levels or a suspicious device that's connected to your network. Link monitoring tool helps you figure out when and on what device an event occurred, so you can take proactive measures to network security.

Assuming that it is time to upgrade a link enough. A historical report on the performance of the equipment over the previous 12 months and a trends analysis provided by link monitoring is more compelling. Identifying the root cause and analyzing the trend helps future-proofing the network.