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Network Availability Monitoring

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Infraon Uptime’s network availability monitoring tool can discover the root cause of your multi-vendor network problems. Detect and manage the anomalies, ensure uptime and fault management , monitor network traffic, and analyze the network based on actionable insights.

Key Feature

Auto Discovery

Discover the devices within the Network or the IP range automatically using SNMP.

Multi-Vendor Support

Monitor multi-vendor network, including HP, CISCO, D-Link, Juniper, etc.

Network Mapping

Gain total visibility through integrated network mapping. Create your network schema with topology maps from automated discovery and mapping.

Unified Dashboard

View all devices based on packet loss and response time. Evaluate all the interfaces based on your unique traffic, bandwidth usage, and discards.

SNMP Trap Processing

Get alert messages by configuring network devices to send SNMP traps and receive alerts for those traps defined in the MIB.

VoIP Monitoring

Assess the quality of VoIP through the call path by tracking metrics, including packet loss, jitter, and latency.

Load Balancer Monitoring

Monitor the availability of your load balancer from the cloud and automatically discover network devices. Monitor performance metrics and load balancers across multiple data centers.

Switch Monitoring

Discover all the switches and switch stacks and monitor the ports to get interface-level performance statistics. Monitor HP, CISCO, and other switches in your entire network.

Storage Monitoring

Monitor the health of storage devices like RAIDs, NAS, fabric switches, and tape libraries using SNMP. Optimize the performance and usage of all your network storage devices.

Wireless Monitoring

Continuously monitor to troubleshoot Wi-Fi devices and wireless access points. Resolve performance issues by getting actionable insights into your Wi-Fi device.

Router Monitoring

Get accurate data on router traffic sources and network activity to resolve router problems. Monitor network availability at the interface level and ensure bandwidth optimization.

Firewall Monitoring

Keep your firewalls secure by monitoring parameters like bandwidth usage, traffic, and sessions. Track your firewall’s performance and availability in your Network.

Other Features

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Report Exports

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Custom Alerts

  • Customizable Fields

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A network monitoring tool watches and compares data transmission rates (throughput), error rates, response times to requests (automated and user-generated requests), and uptime/downtime rates. Network monitoring ensures that all networking components, including routers, switches, firewalls, servers, VMs, etc., are continuously evaluated to optimize their availability.

A network availability monitoring tool uses SNMP to automatically discover all network devices and map the connections between the endpoints. This, in turn, provides critical visibility into all inter-dependent devices that could cause issues down the line.

Enterprises must ensure that their network is routinely monitored using different strategies based on their business needs. Network availability monitoring tool also prevents potentially adverse situations that may cause downtime of not only the network but also servers, applications, etc. The automatic alerts can help enterprises stay on their toes before anything impacts their business.

There are five key benefits of network monitoring, among several others. They include effective allocation of resources, scaling changing IT ecosystems, identifying security threats, deploying new technology, and upgrading systems and applications successfully. Above all, a network monitoring tool prevents business disruptions and the resulting downtime.