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What is Utility Management Software?

Utility Management Software is a solution that helps organizations manage their utility usage and costs. This type of software can track utility usage, generate reports, and provide analysis to help organizations optimize their utility usage and costs. The software has the ability to track and manage utility bills and payments; set up budget and consumption alerts, and generate reports.

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What does a Utility Management
Software do?

Infraon's utility management software is used to track, manage, and optimize utility usage and expenditure. The software provides a centralized platform for tracking utility data, analyzing trends, and identifying cost-saving opportunities. It can also be used to manage and monitor utility services, such as water, gas, and electricity, by generating a report on consumption, helping better planning and budgeting.

Key benefits of Utility Management Software

Save energy and reduce waste

Infraon's Utility Management Software provides a comprehensive view of an organization's energy usage, cost, and carbon footprint. It allows organizations to make informed decisions on how to reduce their energy consumption. In addition, it can help organizations track and report on their energy savings and progress towards sustainability goals.

Track and manage utilities

Use Infraon's Utility Management Software to help optimize their usage, control costs, and improve efficiency. Additionally, you can ensure compliance with regulations. You can avoid energy wastage by identifying which utility is being underutilized or not used optimally. You can save energy and money by monitoring the consumption.

Streamline utility management

You can streamline utility management by using Utility Management Software. It can help automate many of the tasks associated with utility management, such as billing, payments, and customer service. It can save the utility company time and money and make the process of tracking and managing utilities more efficient.

Forecast energy consumption

Infraon's Utility Management Software can help organizations save money on their utility bills. You can negotiate better terms with utility providers and avoid overpaying by accurately forecasting consumption. Also, forecasting consumption can help avoid peak demand charges and manage energy use more efficiently.

Using Infraon's Utility Management Software

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Track utilities

Infraon's Utility Management Software includes tracking utilities to help organizations keep track of their utility usage and costs. Tracking utilities allow organizations to view their usage and cost data over time, helping them identify trends and cost savings opportunities. It also has alerts for managing utility contracts, such as contract renewal reminders and alerts for changes in utility rates.

Prioritize work orders

Infraon's Utility Management Software ensures that the most critical tasks are completed first. This ensures that the utility company is able to provide the best possible service to its customers. Whether a small maintenance task or long, the checklist can be shared across the team so they can work efficiently in order of priority and update the status simultaneously, with total visibility.

Alerts and notifications

Infraon's Utility Management Software enables alerts and notifications that can be set for instant communication to users. Alerts can be automatically sent to notify users of critical information. These alerts will help users know that allotted units have been consumed and overconsumption can be avoided.

Reporting and analytics

Infraon's Utility Management Software offers tools for monitoring and analyzing energy usage and for managing energy-related equipment and appliances. The software's reporting and analytics features allow users to track their energy usage over time, identify trends, and identify opportunities for energy savings.

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