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What is Purchase Requisition Software?

Purchase requisition software is a tool businesses use to streamline and automate their purchase requisition processes. It is an online purchase requisition system that typically includes features such as electronic approval workflow, requisition tracking, and supplier management. Purchase requisition software can help organizations save time and money by reducing the need for manual processes and improving communication between buyers and suppliers.

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What does a Purchase Requisition
Software do?

Infraon's Purchase Requisition Software helps streamline and automate the process of creating and approving purchase requisitions. This system can help improve accuracy and efficiency in the requisition process and can help ensure that all requisitions are properly approved before purchase orders are generated. It can also help save time and cost and can create and track requisitions, route requisitions for approval, convert requisitions into purchase orders, and generate reports.

Key benefits of Utility Management Software

Automated and streamlined purchase requisition process

Infraon's purchase requisition software helps automate and streamline the PR process. The software also provides a centralized repository for purchase requisitions, making it easier for users to track and manage requisitions. It helps users streamline their workflows, such as the ability to create and manage purchase orders, track payments, and generate reports.

Improved accuracy and reduced errors

Infraon's purchase requisition software enables increased efficiency and productivity, reduced costs, and improved decision-making. With accurate and up-to-date information, employees can make better decisions about what to purchase and how to utilize company resources best. Accurate data can help managers track trends and better understand where the company is spending its money.

Better visibility and control

Infraon's purchase requisition software offers a centralized view and includes better organization and tracking of purchase requisitions and increased transparency into the process for all stakeholders. Additionally, better visibility can help identify potential issues or bottlenecks earlier on in the process, which can save time and resources.

Integration with other software

Infraon's purchase requisition software can be integrated with other software, such as finance and accounting, to streamline the purchase requisition process. It enables users to seamlessly connect their purchase requisitions to their financial data for accurate reporting and analysis, reducing the need for manual data entry and eliminating duplicate data entry.

Using Infraon's Purchase Requisition Software

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Create and manage purchase requisitions

Infraon's purchase requisition software helps streamline and manage the purchase requisition process for businesses. Businesses can create and manage purchase requisitions, track and monitor requisitions, and generate reports on requisition activity. The software also includes tools for managing supplier contracts and pricing and for creating and managing purchase orders.

Automated approval/rejection process

Infraon's purchase requisition software's approval process begins when a user submits a requisition. It is routed to the appropriate approvers based on the rules that are configured in the system. The approvers can then review the requisition and approve or reject it. If it is approved, it is routed to the next step in the process. If rejected, the user is notified, and the requisition is returned to them for revision.

Integrated PR/PO management

Infraon's purchase requisition software can give users easy access to workflows of the procurement process. You can improve spend visibility and purchase order management and enhance asset management. By integrating the software with other ERP solutions, you can view and track the purchase requisition in real time and optimize the procurement process.

Reporting and analytics

Infraon's purchase requisition software offers reporting and analytics to help users track and analyze their purchase requisitions. The software includes a variety of reports and dashboards that users can customize to their needs for better insights into spending, supplier performance, and trends in purchase requisitions.

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