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What is Equipment
Maintenance Software?

Equipment Maintenance Software is a tool used to track and manage the maintenance of equipment and assets. It can be used to schedule and track maintenance tasks, create work orders, and track equipment inventory.

The software can be used to generate reports on the maintenance history of equipment and to forecast future maintenance needs. Staying on top of equipment maintenance ensures that there is zero downtime.

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Server management and application management

What does Equipment
Maintenance Software do?

Infraon's Equipment Maintenance Software helps you monitor, manage and keep track of your company's equipment. It can help you track and locate your equipment, when each piece of equipment was last serviced, who serviced it, and what work was done.

It enables you to allocate resources and prevent unnecessary expenses in repairs and maintenance. Equipment Maintenance Software can also help you proactively schedule future maintenance and repairs and ensure the increased lifespan of all equipment.

Key benefits of Equipment Maintenance Software

Increased efficiency and productivity

By automating critical maintenance tasks, Infraon's equipment maintenance software can help your team work more efficiently and get more done in less time. This can free up time for other jobs and projects and ultimately help increase your team's overall productivity.

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Improved equipment uptime

Infraon's equipment maintenance software can help track and manage your equipment maintenance schedule and help ensure that your equipment is always up and running when you need it. It can help reduce downtime and improve your equipment's overall uptime.

Reduced maintenance costs

Infraon's equipment maintenance software can help by automating your maintenance tasks. Automation helps eliminate repetitive tasks, so you can reduce the number of person-hours required to complete those tasks, having an effective lean team. It also eliminates costly human errors, leading to significant cost savings over time.

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Enhanced operational efficiency

The automated scheduling and tracking of equipment maintenance process reduces manual input and allows maintenance activities to be coordinated effectively. By automating key safety-related tasks, such as safety inspections, you can ensure the safety of your team and your equipment, ultimately improving your bottom line.

Using Infraon's Equipment Maintenance Software

Manage equipment maintenance

These features allow the ITSM solution to completely meet the requirements of ESM while not directly supplying the needed digital processes. To begin, there is a demand for usability for service requesters and suppliers. A good ESM should also have scalability, domain separation, and proper access restrictions.

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hardware asset management

Create equipment maintenance schedule

Use the equipment maintenance software to schedule and track equipment maintenance tasks. It enables users to schedule equipment maintenance tasks and track their progress. Users can create a maintenance schedule that will help them stay on track with their duties, ensuring zero downtime.

Centralized dashboard

You can use the centralized dashboard in Infraon's equipment maintenance software to get a consolidated view of all equipment, including the inventory, location, date, and time of maintenance performance. It enables users to identify and address any issues proactively. The dashboard also provides users with access to Infraon's support team, which can resolve issues.

Server management and application management
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Reports of maintenance activities

Infraon's equipment maintenance software gives you reports on equipment maintenance and availability. Get a report on all equipment maintenance activities, including the date, time, location, and type of maintenance performed. You can also pull down a report on the history of maintenance activities, cost of repairs, and replacements if any.

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