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Server Availability Monitoring

Solve server availability issues with ready-to-use server monitoring tool.

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Ensure zero downtime with our server monitoring tool

Infraon Uptime’s server availability monitoring feature tracks the availability of your servers and ensures that they keep running as they should. Get total visibility into the web servers, application servers, mail servers, virtual servers, etc. to know how your server resources are used by analyzing key metrics.

Key Feature

Server Availability Monitoring

Get real-time data on physical and virtual servers 24x7x365. Detect potential downtime in advance with KPIs.

Memory Usage Monitoring

Test the availability of physical memory (RAM) using SNMP or local API and detect high usage causing memory leaks.

Disk Availability Monitoring

Prevent server downtime, data loss, system failures with alerts when disk space availability before it crosses set thresholds.

Network Availability Monitoring

Detect and isolate network issues and help in remediation by scanning network devices regularly.

CPU Availability Monitoring

Detect heavy CPU usage with SNMP/ Local communication to know processor capacity availability before it impacts system performance.

Customizable Dashboard

Drag-and-drop dashboards empower users to construct preferred visualizations and choose the data they want to see. It offers flexibility and is user-friendly.

Other Features

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Report Exports

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Custom Alerts

  • Customizable Fields

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The Server monitoring tool monitors all connected devices and gathers metrics. It tracks the performance of your servers and ensures that they stay available and keep running as they should, and helps analyze the metrics. You can be proactive and prevent network abuse or suspicious activity. This data can be viewed in real-time on a unified dashboard.

Server monitoring tracks the server's availability, performance and its resources to avoid overuse and prevent server crashes. Essentially, it tracks CPU usage, I/O, network capacity, memory capacity, and disk space.

Your enterprise may have unique business needs and the server monitoring tool can be customized to track different parameters. But, its primary purpose is to ensure that your server is always protected from possible failure. And, it eliminates service interruption due to slowing down due to overuse or crashing. Interruptions in server availability can cost you revenue and impact the bottom line.

Server availability monitoring ensures optimal performance of all things related to your enterprise server. It offers real-time data for advanced observability and prevents slowing down of the server. Instant notifications can alert you to be proactive when necessary, including upgrades to RAM, Disk space, and eliminating any downtime. It gives you total visibility into the network and its performance.