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What is end-to-end tool tracking software?

An end-to-end tool tracking software is a system that helps organizations track the use and status of tools throughout their lifecycle. This software typically includes features for managing tool inventories, tracking tool usage, and maintaining tool histories. End-to-end tool tracking software can help organizations improve the efficiency of their operations and reduce the risk of lost or stolen tools.

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What does a Tool Tracking Software do?

Infraon's Tool Tracking Software is a cloud-based tool tracking and management system that helps organizations track and manage their tools and equipment. The software comes with a central repository for all tool and equipment information and enables users to track and manage tools and equipment across multiple locations and time zones. The software also provides tools for managing tool inventory, tracking tool usage, and generating reports for data-driven decision-making.

Key benefits of
a Tool Tracking Software

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Track your tools and equipment

Keep track of your tools and equipment to ensure they are always available when needed and that they are not misplaced or stolen. Additionally, you can keep track of maintenance and repair histories to ensure that tools are properly maintained and that repairs are made in a timely manner.

Manage your tool inventory

Leverage the ability to manage and monitor inventory levels, track usage and location of tools, and maintain accurate records of tool purchases, their history, and repairs and maintenance. It allows for better control of tool assets and improved efficiency in operations.

Save time and costs

Know the location of your tools at all times from a centralized dashboard to avoid losing or misplacing them. Optimize the workflow to avoid wasting time and resources. Keep track of your tools and equipment inventory so that you can restock to avoid running out of essential equipment.

Optimize tool utilization

Improve accuracy and efficiency in tool management. Reduce downtime through lost or misplaced tools. Gain greater visibility by tracking your tools and equipment. Ensure safety and security through real-time location tracking, improving customer satisfaction with faster service.

Using Infraon's Tool Tracking Software

A centralized dashboard

Infraon's Tool Tracking Software offers a centralized dashboard for transparency and visibility. Users get an overview of all available tools, their current location, and their status. It also gives you data on what needs to be repaired or reordered to ensure that you always have the necessary tools. The centralized dashboard allows users to manage their equipment in real-time to optimize their usage.

Locate tools and equipment in real time

Infraon's Tool Tracking Software enables locating tools and equipment in real time so the users can find and retrieve them easily. By keeping track of your tools, their availability, and performance, users can ensure tools are at peak condition as readily-available assets. The software will generate alerts when a tool is moved or in use. Real-time tracking helps users have control over company equipment.

Reporting and analytics

Users can generate reports in real-time and analytics to help mitigate the risk of theft or loss. The software can track the location of all assets, including tools and equipment, and who uses them and when. This data can identify patterns and trends that may indicate theft or loss and can help prevent future incidents. It can also let users know when service, repairs, maintenance, or replacement is required on specific tools.

Integration capabilities

Infraon's Tool Tracking Software includes all the features necessary to manage your tool inventory and track your tools throughout their lifecycle. The software integrates with your existing accounting, inventory, and asset management systems to provide a complete picture of your tool inventory and usage. It also includes a barcode/ QR code scanning interface to quickly and easily track your tools as they are used, returned, and loaned out.

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