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Spare Parts Management System

Infraon's spare parts management system streamlines inventory control, automates procurement, and enhances compliance for businesses of all sizes.

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What is the Spare Parts Management System?

The Spare Parts Management System is a cutting-edge computerized program developed to help businesses manage their spare parts inventory more effectively. Businesses can use this comprehensive system to easily track the location, number, quality, and cost of spare parts and repairs. It includes the storing and organization of spare parts information, as well as the monitoring of inventory levels and the management of requisitions. 

Key Features of Infraon's Spare Parts
Management System

Comprehensive inventory tracking

Infraon's spare parts management system tracks inventory levels in real time, providing businesses with a complete view of their spare parts inventory at any given time

Automated ordering and reordering

Infraon's spare parts management system can automate the ordering and reordering of spare parts based on inventory levels and minimum order quantities. It can help businesses ensure they always have spare parts while avoiding overstocking. 

Advanced reporting

Infraon's spare parts management system generates various reports to help businesses make informed decisions about their spare parts inventory. Businesses can use reports to track which parts are most frequently used, which parts are most likely to fail, and how much money is being spent on spare parts

Improved compliance

Infraon's spare parts management system can help businesses improve their compliance with all applicable regulations related to spare parts management. It also aids businesses in tracking spare parts’ expiration dates and ensuring that spare parts are stored properly. 

Benefits of using Infraon's spare parts management system

Reduced costs

Optimize inventory levels and automate ordering and reordering processes to reduce spare parts costs

Improved efficiency

Automate many tasks associated with spare parts management to free up staff to focus on other important tasks.

Reduced downtime

Ensure you always have the spare parts you need on hand to reduce downtime.

Improved asset performance

Properly maintain assets to improve asset performance and extend asset lifecycles.

Restocking of stocks

Maintain inventory integrity by refilling stock without requiring work order association.

Optimize Inventory ROI

Gain real-time insights across channels and locations for maintaining a balanced inventory.

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