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Spare Parts Management System

The complete solution to manage inventory of spare parts and components.

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What is Spare Parts Management System?

A Spare Parts Management System is a computerized program that helps enterprises keep track of their spare parts inventory. This system can be used to track the location, quantity, condition, cost of spare parts, and cost of repairs. It includes storing and organizing information about spare parts, monitoring inventory levels, and managing their requisition.

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What does Spare Parts Management System do?

Infraon's Spare Parts Management System is a centralized solution that enables enterprises to manage the entire lifecycle of spare parts and is designed to streamline the process of managing spare parts inventory. The system includes features such as a central repository for all spare parts information, the ability to track spare parts inventory levels, and automatically generate reports on their utilization and location. It also enables creating and generating purchase orders for needed spare parts.

Key benefits of Spare
Parts Management

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Track and manage Spare Parts inventory

The Spare Parts Management system helps enterprises keep track of their inventory levels. It also ensures that they always have the necessary parts or components on hand. It helps avoid overstocking or understocking inventory, which can save both money and resources.

Automated spare parts management

Automated spare parts management allows businesses greater efficiency by automating tasks and reducing errors in inventory. Automation also ensures that the data is accurate and helps reduce unnecessary overstocking or wasted spare parts or components stock.

Improved forecasting and budgeting

Complete visibility into spare parts inventory and predictive analytics help businesses identify trends and patterns in data. It further helps in making better stock levels, procurement, and maintenance decisions. The Spare Parts Management system makes forecasting and planning your budget easier.

Increased visibility into inventory

With the Spare Parts Management system, you get complete real-time visibility of your stock, their performance, and availability. The system can track all spare parts purchases and help generate reports on their condition, enabling better decision-making on optimal inventory utilization.

Using Infraon's Spare Parts Management System

Create and manage spare parts inventory

Creating and managing spare parts inventory is quick and easy. You can enter the relevant information, including the date of purchase, location, and availability. Infraon's Spare Parts Management system ensures a streamlined process of tracking and managing your spare parts inventory and lets you know when it is time to replenish stock.

Generate reports on spare parts data

Infraon's Spare Parts Management system allows users to generate reports on spare parts data. Reports get generated in real-time for analysis or auditing. Users can select the data fields they wish to include in the report and filter the data by date or location. Reports can be generated in various formats, including PDF, Excel, and CSV.

Leverage Integration capabilities

Integrate the Spare Parts Management system with the Infraon Product Suite or other third-party tools to provide a complete solution for managing your spare parts inventory. These include accounting software, inventory management software, CRM, and IT asset management, enabling monitoring and managing of spare parts inventory

Centralized Spare Parts Management

A centralized spare parts management system helps enterprises manage their inventory in one central location. It enables keeping track of inventory and ensuring that all parts are available when needed. It also helps save time and resources associated with locating the spare parts in multiple locations.

Analyze trends in spare parts usage

Use the Spare Parts Management system to keep track of your company's spare parts usage trends. You can also see how often a particular spare part or component is being used and it's quality. This data can give you information on the source of the spare parts and help you identify patterns to prevent investing in poor parts and components.

User-friendly Interface

The user-friendly interface in the Spare Parts Management System is designed to make it more efficient for users to find and manage spare parts. The interface includes a search function to help users find the needed parts and a management function to keep track of their spare parts inventory.

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