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What Is QR Code Asset Tracking?

QR code asset tracking software is a type of software that uses QR codes to track the location, condition, and value of assets in real-time. QR codes are two-dimensional barcodes that can store a large amount of data, making them ideal for asset tracking.

Asset tracking software typically assigns a unique QR code to each asset. The QR code is then scanned with a QR code scanner to track the asset's location and condition. The data collected from the QR code scan is then stored in a database, where authorized users can access and analyze it.

Key Benefits

Increased accuracy

QR code asset tracking software is more accurate than manual asset tracking methods, such as spreadsheets or paper-based systems. 

Reduced costs

QR code asset tracking software can help businesses reduce costs by identifying underutilized assets and optimizing asset usage. It can also help extend asset life by scheduling preventive maintenance and repairs.

Improved efficiency

QR code asset tracking software can help businesses improve efficiency by automating many of the tasks associated with asset tracking. This can free up staff to focus on other important tasks.

Reduced risk

QR code asset tracking software can help businesses reduce risk by ensuring that assets are used following all applicable laws and regulations. It can also help businesses to identify and mitigate potential asset-related risks.

Improved compliance

QR code asset tracking software can help businesses comply with all applicable laws and regulations. QR code asset tracking software can track the location and condition of safety equipment to ensure it complies with all applicable safety regulations.

Feature Highlights

Automated Asset

Infraon's QR code tracking solution uses QR code software to quickly and automatically scan and search for your inventory. With web-based UI and QR code support, you can leverage automation capabilities to streamline asset tracking processes.

Centralized Asset

Use the QR code software included in Infraon's unified and integrated asset management solution. Access all other features to track, monitor, and manage your IT and non-IT assets.

Integrated Asset

Generate real-time reports from a centralized dashboard using QR codes. Gain insights into asset location, ownership, user access, status, license, and issue history.

QR Code Software

Scan and search quickly and on the go with Infraon's QR code tracking software using any mobile device. Manage your assets with a user-friendly interface and an easy-to-use solution.

Unlimited QR Code
Generation & Tracking

Fostering data storage and access for assets, the capability to create and scan personalized QR codes streamlines the maintenance process, enhancing overall simplicity.

Monitoring Asset Checkouts
and Planning Reservations

Stay informed about asset checkouts and proactively schedule reservations well in advance.

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