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What is QR Code asset tracking?

QR code asset tracking software is a must-have for any business that wants to keep track of its assets. This type of software allows enterprises to quickly and easily scan QR codes that are placed on assets and then track and manage those assets with ease. This can be an extremely valuable tool for companies that want to keep track of their inventory or for businesses that want to keep track of their equipment and machinery. By using QR code asset tracking software, businesses can save time and money and can ensure that their assets are always accounted for.

hardware asset management
hardware asset management

What does equipment QR Code tracking software do?

Infraon's fully integrated asset management platform offers a QR code asset tracking feature for accurate asset discovery and more significant ROI. QR code asset tracking allows you to track your assets and also allows you to add the information as per your need. You can scan and use QR codes to create inventory, and track assets such as equipment, and machinery, in real-time. Leverage advanced automation to create an inventory and generate reports in real-time on asset utilization and performance.

Key benefits of
QR asset
tracking software

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Creating inventory of IT assets

Inventory management is vital to businesses, and a QR code-based inventory system can create, track, and manage your asset inventory levels, identify items, and locate them. Use QR codes to monitor inventory levels in real-time so that you can get proactive about restocking items as needed.

Identifying and mitigating assets risks

Scan a QR code and instantly see what type of asset it is, where it is located, and when it was last checked. Identify potential risks and take steps to mitigate them proactively. Use QR codes to track assets throughout their life cycle, from acquisition to disposition, and ensure zero downtime.

Ensuring greater asset visibility

If the users find it too hard to use asset tracking technologies, they may either create more processes to handle the complications or give up on using the tool. So, an easy-to-use barcode asset tracking software is a low-code solution that requires minimal to zero training.

Ensuring readiness for auditing

Staying audit ready with accurate data is vital to asset optimization. With asset discovery through QR codes, you can track the location of assets, the movement of assets between different locations, and their status, and stay current on their maintenance and inspections. Use automated reporting to ensure your readiness for auditing.

Using Infraon's QR code
tracking solution

Automated Asset Discovery

Use the QR code software to quickly and automatically scan and search for tracking your inventory. Leverage automation capabilities with a web-based UI and QR code support.

Integrated Asset Data

Generate reports in real-time from a centralized dashboard using QR codes. Get insights into the asset location, ownership, user access, status, license, and issue history.

Centralized Asset Management

Use the QR code software included in the unified and integrated Asset Management solution. Access all other features to track, monitor, and manage, your IT and non-IT assets.

QR Code Software Mobility

Scan/ search quickly and on the go with QR code tracking software using any mobile device. Manage your assets with a user-friendly interface and easy-to-use solution.

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