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Service Desk as MSP solution

Our ITIL-aligned Service Desk as the first line of support for all MSPs

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What is a Service Desk for MSP?

A Service Desk is a software solution for MSPs that is a central point of contact between an MSP and its customers. It is responsible for managing customer inquiries, providing support and troubleshooting, and escalating issues to appropriate MSP staff. The service desk is typically staffed by customer service representatives who are trained to handle customer inquiries and support issues.

hardware asset management
hardware asset management

What does a Service Desk do?

Infraon's Service desk for MSPs is a cloud-based help desk solution that enables MSPs to provide their customers with 24/7 support. The solution includes a ticketing system, a knowledge base, and a self-service portal. The service desk is responsible for handling customer inquiries and providing support for products and services. MSPs can use our Service Desk to manage customer support requests and resolve technical issues. They can also use the solution to monitor their customers' networks and infrastructure.

Key benefits of a
Service Desk for MSP

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Track and manage customer inquiries

The centralized Service Desk solution for MSP can help view all tickets in one place, quickly identify and assign tickets to the appropriate representative, and track the progress of each ticket. This helps ensure that all tickets are resolved on time and that no tickets are forgotten or left unresolved.

Improve operations with automation

Automating routine tasks can ensure zero downtime and save time and resources. MSPs can also improve overall operations and enable a seamless customer experience with a unified Service Desk platform to resolve tickets quickly through multiple channels, such as Email to Ticket, AI-driven chatbots, and more.

Proactive support for zero downtime

Infraon's Service Desk enables increased efficiency from a unified dashboard. It helps proactively identify and resolve potential problems before they cause disruptions or downtime for customers. The automated workflows enable assigning appropriate agents and resolving tickets in real time. You can also track and manage agent performance to ensure proactive support and enhance customer experience.

Personalized customer support

Use predictive analytics to help improve customer satisfaction and increase customer loyalty. MSPs can offer customized support to individual client needs instead of a generic solution. Analytics and detailed reports can ensure a better understanding of the history and pattern of client needs and decrease ticket resolution time. Generate detailed data-driven reports and get insights to improve decision-making.

Using Infraon's Service Desk for MSP

Customer insights and analytics

Infraon's ITIL-aligned Service Desk provides analytics and support to troubleshoot and resolve customer issues. MSPs can quickly identify problems causing disruption and resolve them in real time. They can use data analytics to track and analyze customer data to improve their customer support strategy and enhance customer experience.

Pre-built AI-driven workflows

MSPs can use pre-built AI-driven workflows with ML to automate resolving common issues and requests. Infraon's Service Desk software gives access to historical data and helps identify patterns to provide faster and more accurate resolutions. It can ensure reduced workload for support staff and improve the overall efficiency of the help desk.

Integrated IT management

Infraon's Service Desk can enable MSPs to transform client business services with increased productivity and maximum efficiency. The extensive API support and integration feature help provide a centralized location for all support requests. The ITSM-enabled features help track and manage inquiries in one place, assign appropriate representatives, and provide a single point of contact.

Service asset management

Infraon's Service Desk provides complete visibility of assets, infrastructure, and their relationships with the CMDB. The quick scan and search feature helps find assets in trouble and also helps manage SLAs through Barcode and QR code tracking to improve system availability and performance. Service Desk ensures all assets meet maximum SLA and are audit-ready at any time.

Unified dashboard and reporting

Infraon's Service Desk offers a configurable dashboard with real-time alerts based on escalation and role-based access. It also offers an array of data analytics for all incidents and reports on incident, problem and change management for improved performance and better decision-making.

Self-service and user-friendly UI

The user-friendly and intuitive interface in Infraon's Service Desk is designed for ease of use and navigation. The self-service portal enables self-help with the knowledge base and resources for a quick resolution. MSP clients can get the help they need without needing external support.

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