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Service Desk as a Manufacturing solution

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How to enable digitization in Manufacturing?

Digitalizing processes and workflows can achieve digital transformation in Manufacturing. You can enable the ability to track and manage operations electronically, as well as to connect process data across different systems and platforms. Furthermore, you can allow the capture of data from various sources (including sensors, machines, and people) to create a digital representation of the manufacturing process; and use the data to improve process efficiency and quality, as well as to develop new products and services.

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What is the role of IT in Manufacturing?

IT is used in manufacturing to help manage the production process, including managing inventory, scheduling production, and controlling quality. IT can also be used to monitor and optimize the use of resources, such as energy and raw materials. Additionally, IT helps create virtual prototypes of products to test and optimize before manufacturing them.

What does a Service Desk do for Manufacturing?

Infraon's Service desk is a cloud-based help desk solution that enables manufacturing by providing a centralized point of contact for all manufacturing queries, requests, and issues. Service Desk can also help to track and monitor manufacturing workflows, processes, and performance, as well as provide reports and analysis on manufacturing activity in real-time. Service Desk streamlines incident, problem, and change management seamlessly.

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Key benefits of a Service
Desk for Manufacturing

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Increased Efficiency

Service Desk can help with automation of routine tasks to streamline manufacturing processes, and reduce human errors, resulting in increased efficiency and productivity.

Improved Quality

Service Desk can help ensure that manufacturing processes are carried out correctly and consistently, for improved quality control.

Reduced Costs

Service Desk can help reduce manufacturing costs by managing the manufacturing lifecycle, by providing a centralized location for all service requests. By consolidating service requests, it helps reduce the overall cost of manufacturing equipment maintenance and repair.

Increased Customer Satisfaction

Service Desk provides customers with a single point of contact for their manufacturing needs, such as placing orders, scheduling repairs, or technical support. This centralized approach reduces the hassle of manufacturing-related tasks, leading to higher levels of customer satisfaction.

Using Infraon's Service Desk for Manufacturing

A centralized dashboard

Infraon's Service Desk software offers a centralized dashboard feature that allows users to view all pertinent information related to their manufacturing operations in one place. It can include machines, production lines, orders, and more information. The centralized dashboard allows users to track and manage their manufacturing operations and easily identify and resolve all potential issues.

Knowledge base

Infraon's Service Desk allows users to access a centralized repository of information about manufacturing processes and equipment. Users can use the repository of resources to troubleshoot problems, optimize processes, and improve equipment performance. It is a resource for training new employees and keeping current employees up-to-date on processes and equipment.

Centralized Spare Parts Management

A centralized spare parts management system helps enterprises manage their inventory in one central location. It enables keeping track of inventory and ensuring that all parts are available when needed. It also helps save time and resources associated with locating the spare parts in multiple locations.

Analyze trends in spare parts usage

Use the Spare Parts Management system to keep track of your company's spare parts usage trends. You can also see how often a particular spare part or component is being used and it's quality. This data can give you information on the source of the spare parts and help you identify patterns to prevent investing in poor parts and components.

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