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hardware asset management

What is CMDB Software? 

Configuration management database (CMDB) software is a powerful tool that helps organizations manage their IT assets throughout their lifecycle. It provides a centralized repository of information about IT infrastructure, including hardware, software, vendor and warranty details, and relationships between assets.

It is particularly important for organizations with complex IT infrastructures or subject to strict compliance requirements. By utilizing CMDB, organizations can effectively track and manage their assets, automate asset management processes, and improve visibility and control. 

CMDB software typically provides a variety of features to help organizations manage their IT assets, including

Asset tracking: CMDB software can track IT assets' location, status, and configuration. It can identify and resolve potential problems and plan for future asset needs.

Asset management: CMDB software can be used to manage the lifecycle of IT assets, from procurement to retirement. This includes tracking asset purchase information, warranty information, and maintenance schedules.Reporting and analytics: CMDB software can generate reports and analytics on IT assets. This information can be used to improve IT asset management practices and make informed decisions about IT investments.

hardware asset management

Key Benefits of CMDB Software

Improved visibility and control

CMDB software provides a centralized view of all IT assets, giving organizations a complete understanding of their IT infrastructure. This improved visibility and control can help organizations identify and resolve potential issues more quickly and effectively. 

Automate asset management processes

CMDB software can automate many tasks associated with asset management, such as discovery, tracking, reporting, and change management. This can free up IT staff to focus on more strategic initiatives.  

Reduce the cost of asset management

By automating asset management processes and improving asset visibility and control, CMDB software can help organizations reduce the cost of asset ownership and operation.  

Improved efficiency

CMDB software can help organizations improve the efficiency of their IT asset management processes by automating many of the manual tasks associated with asset tracking and management. This can help organizations to save time and money.

Enhanced compliance

CMDB software can help organizations comply with industry regulations and best practices by providing a centralized view of their IT infrastructure and asset management processes. This improved visibility and control can help organizations demonstrate compliance to auditors and other stakeholders.

Feature Highlights

Centralized asset repository

Provides a single source of truth for all IT asset data

Automated IT processes

Streamlines IT asset management processes and improves efficiency

Third-party integration

Easily imports and exports data and synchronizes data between different systems

CMDB discovery tools

Helps to discover and track the relationships between IT infrastructure components

Reporting and Visualization

Illustrate, inquire, and comprehend intricate configuration item (CI) relationships across tables through a transparent and graphical perspective.


Make use of a centralized tool to monitor activity, check the CMDB's health, and conduct natural language searches.

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