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Increase availability and performance with an API monitoring tool.

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Monitor your APIs & eliminate downtime

Infraon Uptime comes with a comprehensive API monitoring tool to evaluate REST API availability, usage, and performance in real-time. Quickly test the API’s functional correctness and responsiveness to fuel your business.

Key Feature

API Monitoring Dashboard

Use a customizable dashboard with in-built views on usage data. Make it easy for different business and IT teams to access and collaborate without dealing with complex workflows.

Real-Time API Alerts

Receive proactive alerts via email, SMS, and push notifications so that not a minute gets wasted. Easily monitor the API speed and compatibility across multiple channels.

API Availability

Monitor the availability and response time of your REST API and SOAP endpoints and get insight into the response time of mobile and web applications. Detect downtime and fix critical issues ahead of time.

API User Control

Establish advanced user access and verification controls to ensure that only authorized team members get access to APIs. Keep your websites, network devices, servers and ports fully compliant.

Advanced Reporting

Get AI-enabled reporting with root cause analysis with past performance insights to equip your teams and prevent downtime issues.

Other Features

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Report Exports

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Custom Alerts

  • Customizable Fields

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API monitoring plays an important role in improving the performance of operating systems, web-based systems, software libraries, hardware, and database systems. An API monitoring tool tracks the availability and healthof the applications’s REST API and SOAP endpoints. It also helps ensure that the API responses return accurate data to give insights to detect potential downtime.

APIs are critical to digital transformation for enterprises and telecom companies of all sizes depend on interdependent and performant APIs. Delayed API responses increase waiting times, which affect the performance of applications, servers, etc. Hence, one of the most important metrics of API management and monitoring is response time. API monitoring helps ensure that APIs are functioning as required and are available, responsive, and reliable. A failure at any point will affect related areas of the business functions and affect the bottom line.

Go a step above niche monitoring of apps, servers, and websites to set up a holistic and integrated monitoring engine

Ensure overall reliability since any single API failing may have a domino effect and cause business loss

Enable better interoperability between internal teams

Extend key functionalities of existing products or services easier and faster

Significantly decrease development time, cost, and efforts

API monitoring provides crucial availability and performance data, which developers and operational teams can use to ensure that their IT and non-IT infrastructure health is high. Hence, some of the considerations that users look for are functionality, features, and intuitive interfaces.

As enterprises look to scale their operations, they need to ensure infrastructure reliability, which includes achieving little to no downtime. They need to optimize the performance of all APIs and ensure their availability 24x7.