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Hybrid Cloud Monitoring

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Unlock infra ROI with our hybrid cloud monitoring tools

Infraon ITIM comes with the hybrid cloud monitoring feature to integrate how you track your physical and virtual IT infrastructure from a single location. Empower your IT and business teams with rich dashboard-driven, single-click reporting experiences.

Key Feature

Hybrid Cloud IT Visibility

Seamlessly manage your applications and data spread over private/public cloud and on-premises systems. Avoid having to switch tools and address service gaps across the hybrid ecosystem.

Auto Discovery & Dependency Mapping

Automatically discover any additions to your hybrid infrastructure. Ensure instant cross-correlation capabilities to map dependencies between applications.

Predictive Hybrid Cloud Analytics

Get predictive data insights about hybrid infrastructure health and performance. Use actionable intelligence to isolate the root cause of application, server, or data issues.

Integrated Fault & Incident Management

Quickly resolve faults and prevent incidents with inbuilt troubleshooting. Use workflow automation to extract real-time event diagnosis data and recommend Next Best Actions.

Consolidated Reporting

Leverage single-click reporting capabilities to get in-depth information about your multi-vendor cloud and on-premises infrastructure.

Centralized Alerts & Notifications

Customize alerts and notifications based on your service or business criteria – equipped with a powerful, intuitive dashboard.

Other Features

  • KPI Dashboards

  • Report Exports

  • Bulk Excel Import/Export

  • Scheduled Reports

  • Custom Reports

  • Custom Roles

  • Custom Alerts

  • Customizable Fields

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A quintessential hybrid cloud is a combination of a private cloud with public cloud services with an interface to enable smooth interaction between the various hosting models. It grants enterprises the flexibility and scalability to manage increasing workflows without incurring heavy costs or deploying multiple monitoring tools. Hybrid clouds give them on-demand control to scale their operations and grow their business while creating a single source of data truth that comes with strict security and compliance protocols.

Hybrid cloud monitoring evaluates the health, availability, and performance of various applications, web servers, data storage devices, etc. The reason for its popularity is that while digital transformation is the need of the hour – many enterprises are unable to tackle the challenges inherent to managing different cloud models. Using hybrid cloud monitoring, they easily manage public/private clouds and on-premises IT systems

In a nutshell, hybrid cloud monitoring empowers enterprises a significant amount of power to compute, store data, perform data analysis, etc., by making sure that the infrastructure is up and running. It helps achieve operational excellence, ensure compliance management, and advocate great user experiences. As earlier mentioned, it also plays a big role in enabling huge cost savings while increasing service and infrastructure reliability across the hybrid ecosystem.

Enable complete data control: Establish more data governance to set specific protocols for use cases

Align cloud investments with business needs: Scale up computational capability based on unprecedented peaks or scale down to optimize resource usage

Reduce application risks: Test workloads before onboarding new applications

Create a proactive troubleshooting mechanism: Easily troubleshoot issues by proactively identifying ecosystem bottlenecks

Critical hybrid cloud monitoring features include Hybrid Cloud IT Visibility, Auto Discovery & Dependency Mapping, Predictive Hybrid Cloud Analytics, Integrated Fault & Incident Management, Consolidated Reporting, Centralized Alerts & Notifications, etc.