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IT Network Monitoring

Manage IT network devices with availability & cloud monitoring capabilities

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Gain Total Control Of Your ITIM With Real-Time Network Monitoring

Infraon ITIM keeps an eye on the availability and performance of all IT network devices with intelligent business insights. Receive custom alerts and notifications to boost your multi-vendor network efficiency.

Feature Highlights

Network Availability & Performance

Get a drilled-down view into problems like system temperature or fan speed with a single source of truth. Plan IT infrastructure spend to improve maintenance, replacement, etc.

Network Topology

Automate the process of scanning, discovering & mapping your IT network devices, including any updates/additions. Get deep-dive data visualization to help with network planning.

Multi-Vendor Monitoring

Proactively monitor the quality of your multi-vendor network with integrated diagnostic features. Detect & correlate any issues relating to specific vendors.

QoS & CoS Monitoring

Get QoS monitoring capabilities to evaluate IT network traffic & reduce issues like latency or packet loss. Assess CoS components to prioritize IT network service.

Other Features

  • Integrated Incident & Fault Management

  • IT Inventory Management

  • SLA Management

  • Port Monitoring

  • API Monitoring

  • Web Server Monitoring

  • Custom Dashboards & Reports

  • Custom Alerts & Notifications