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Manage Incidents & Faults with the power of Infinity

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Ensuring the availability, health, & performance of your technology infrastructure is a 24X7 effort. Plus, without data-led reporting & dashboard capabilities, you have to deal with downtimes, outages & compliance issues that have serious business implications.

Infraon Infinity acts as a command center with inbuilt incident & fault management to handle IT issues in real-time. Deploy prebuilt workflows that help convert genuine faults into incidents that can be resolved.

Manage Your IT Incidents - From Fault Detection To Self-Healing Features

Unified command center

Access fault & incident analysis from a centralized location to prevent issues from becoming incidents.

Event management

Access, publish & download IT event data while automating workflows like remediation, routing & deduplication.

Advanced reporting

Use customizable reporting features that offer smart insights on faults & incidents for future-proofing.

Customizable alerts

Configure alerts & get notified when faults occur to take corrective actions & avoid costly incidents.

Other Features

  • Automate incident diagnostics

  • Enable fault detection in real-time

  • Automate incident resolution workflows

  • Integrate knowledge base capabilities

Take Charge Of Your Asset Lifecycles With Clear Insights On ROI

Infraon Infinity gives access to end-to-end asset management features for all your IT, non-IT, and fixed assets. Streamline your asset lifecycles and optimize usage based on your business goals while accelerating deployment, ensuring compliance, increasing lifetime, and more.