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About Infraon

Infraon provides a unified suite of SaaS products to declutter the digital transformation journeys of SMEs, large enterprises, and telecom companies. We bring over two decades of specialized domain experience in the I&O landscape – and we’ve worked with enterprises of all sizes to help transform their operations in a phased and cost-effective manner.

Our origin story

In 2005, I started my career as a UX designer. Less than a decade later, I found myself on the cusp of helping solve the biggest ITOps challenges. How? Well, the pandemic happened. Now, in case you’re wondering - Is this going to be one of those “COVID-19 made me do it” founder stories? Nope. The truth can be stranger than fiction!

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What We Stand For

Our Product Philosophy

Every product in Infraon Infinity - our all-in-one SaaS platform - is scalable and flexible to meet unique business demands. We aim to give you the freedom to select which part of the enterprise you want to modernize. Then, create a roadmap without shifting vendors or changing workflows.

uncomplicates the IT Infrastructure management process
inbuilt incident & fault management system

Our Mission

To offer a low-code, stress-free integrated approach to help companies innovate at a pace best-suited to meet their business goals.

Our Company Values


We dig deep to push the envelope and break tech boundaries.

Value Addition

We constantly look for opportunities to provide “unasked for” client value.


We incubate a culture of high ethical values in everything we do.