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Best Remote Access Software

Zero Trust Remote Access Platform

A Remote Access, Authorization & Security System that
powers real-time Cognition, Detection & Response.

Zero Trust Remote Access without VPN - CLI, RDP, VNC

Authorize, Authenticate and Audit User Access

Secure file transfer & CLI Automation capabilities

Temporary role based access for third parties

Privileged access and Single Sign On to target devices

Best Secure Remote Desktop Software

Secure Remote Access Software

Secure remote access, with centralized
policies and Zero Trust features

A Remote Access and Security platform that enables employees and external actors to remotely access on-premise and hybrid applications and servers without the need for costly VPNs.

Best Remote Access Software

Monitor & Record All Remote Session

Infraon Secura remote control software can record any or all RDP/CLI sessions on a Windows/Linux/Other Server. It can record precisely all user activity during terminal server sessions. The session Recording Includes Live Video & Playback of all user actions along with complete monitoring & recording of RDP/CLI Sessions.

Remote Control Software

Engineered for Remote and
Secure Productivity

The Zero Trust model is based on a strict identity verification process. The framework dictates that only authenticated and authorized users and devices can access applications and data while protecting applications and users from advanced threats on the Internet.

Features Highlights

RDP & CLI Sessions Recording - Best Remote Access Software Features

RDP & CLI Sessions Recording

Easily Monitor & Record Terminal Server Sessions. Session Recording Includes Live Video & Playback of all user actions for forensic audits.

Collaborative Session Settings - Best Remote Access Software Features

Collaborative Session Settings

Administrators can join an ongoing remote session and also offer assistance to users during troubleshooting sessions.

Secure File Transfer Capabilities - Best Remote Access Software Features

Secure File Transfer Capabilities

Ensures that all files transferred over the network are clear and secure. Any files that are suspect or infected are denied access.

Session Monitoring - Best Remote Access Software Features

Session Monitoring

Provide IT administrators with the ability to view and, if necessary, interrupt and terminate an active session.

Command Restrictions - Best Remote Access Software Features

Command Restrictions

The zero trust security model restricts commands that are potentially dangerous and unauthorised made by unwitting use$

Configure Scheduled Jobs - Best Remote Access Software Features

Configure Scheduled Jobs

The administrator can write CLI scripts and schedule them to be executed by the system.

Key Features

  • Integrate RDP / VNC and CLI system
  • Discovery
  • Device Credentials Store
  • Device Authentication Management
  • Device Authorization Management
  • Device Inventory
  • Device Groups
  • Device Session Termination
  • Web Based Application
  • User Management
  • User Groups
  • User Roles
  • CLI Session Management
  • Configuration Templates
  • Server Self Performance Monitoring
  • Global Search
  • Offline / Online Reports

Simple Plan

If you are looking for secure and reliable alternatives to VPN, our zero trust security model will be the best option. Talk to us to know more about our zero trust security framework and how it can be beneficial for your organisation. Contact us right away.


Web Based Application


User Management

User Accounts

Enable/Disable Accounts

Password Policy Management

User Groups

Groups Based Configurations


Single Add Device

Device Inventory

CSV Import

Device Groups

Device Credentials Store

Advanced Encryption Techniques

Device Authentication Management

Single Sign On

Device Session Termination

CLI Session Management

SSH and Telnet access

Live Session

Session Audit

Command Search inside Sessions

Manual Session Termination

Script Execution

Command Templates

Direct Command Execution

Global Search

Multiple Devices Search

Inventory Search

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Standard Plan


Pro Plan



Remote access software is a platform that allows users to remotely access a device- it could be a laptop, networking device, server or application that is being accessed by a remote user. Users can open apps, access a file, share a screen and much more using this remote access software.

Zero trust remote access system or ZTRA uses a secure technology that allows access to a device only after proper authentication to the ZTRA device. It works with a concept that any user wanting to access the network would be given least possible access and only with proper identification of the person will any further access be provided.

With growing instances of data breach , cybersecurity threats and the need to remote working, zero trust network provides a holistic and strategic approach further secure your network and provide adequate access to the required systesm.

You can use SecuRA’s zero trust remote access software that lets you access your network without any VPN network. SecuRA uses a Jump Server to establish any connection, its eliminated the need of any clients in the edge client and take off the load of a firewall.

Many industrises have strict compliance of audit and identification for any remote access request. SecuRA provide these strict policies to cater to compliances. Further , the professionals at SecuRA guide you to build a remote access network that is in line with the compliance requirements.

The best remote access software can be used to monitor multiple devices simultaneously and provide remote support wherever necessary. This software will help employees of an organization connect with each other and with the home network and server systems. Remote access software also enables remote troubleshooting whenever required. It can be used for remote working, monitoring systems, providing access and privileges, and connecting employees.

There are three things necessary for zero trust network access to work. First is the remote computer access software, second is the network or computer systems, and third is the internet connectivity. To set up the remote access system, the gateway software needs to be installed in all networks that needs to be accesses and activated. It brings together all the devices to the same platform so employees as well as authorized third parties will be able to access Cloud, on-premises, and hybrid applications ( upcoming). The software will record all activities during the sessions so as to prevent the possibility of cyber threats or leak of confidential data.

SecuRA relies on the Zero Trust network, where no unauthorized user is allowed to enter your network. This way you can be assured that all your sensitive data and access is safe and secure.

Remote access software commonly offers features like secure file transfer, session monitoring, command restrictions, auto-updates, etc. All these are focused to create a security blanket for your organization’s network.

There are numerous benefits of using remote control software, especially nowadays when remote working and work from home are becoming the new normal. A few of the benefits of using this application to remote access are:

  • Effectively monitor all the systems in a network

The administrator can remotely manage all the systems in a network. Whether it’s setting up a new account or providing/deleting access, the administrator can easily take care of it.

  • Remote troubleshooting

One of the biggest benefits of using secure remote access software is that it allows remote troubleshooting in case of any technical problem in the network or system. The tech person can take control of the user’s system no matter the geographical location and solve the technical issue.

  • Enables easy and efficient file sharing

It’s risky to share confidential files across public networks and other file sharing systems. However, remote access helps authorised persons to send and receive files anywhere in the network.

  • Allows setup of remote work models

The new normal consists of remote work and work from home models. So, this makes remote access software essential for all organisations that follow this kind of work model. This software will help employees work from anywhere and get all the support and coordination just like how they used to have when working in the same office space.

The cost of remote software depends on the subscription plans you take. Some opt for a monthly subscription while some go for yearly subscriptions.

The most commonly used remote access methods are Virtual Private Network(VPN), direct networks like LAN, wireless network, and zero trust network access.

The best remote access software are safe as they often depend on a zero trust security model. This Zero trust model restricts unauthorized access and keeps your network safe from cyber attackers.

The three main elements of a zero trust model are user/application authentication, device authentication, and trust / policies .

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