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Software License Management or SLM is defined as a part of all in one software asset management or SAM capability. It mainly involves the process of documenting, reducing, and controlling the total costs of IT.

About Hardware Asset Management

What is Software License Management?

SLM or Software License Management is a plan which helps to maintain and monitor all the software licenses of the organization and is also a mechanism that ensures systematic compliance with independent software vendor (ISV) software licenses and software vendors. It is a legal document that is produced by the software publishers or produced by the distributors providing the rules and guidelines on the distribution and usage of the software.

About Hardware Asset Management

What is the role of Software License Management?

SLM or Software License management is actually a part of IT asset management. Its role is to protect, control and manage the software assets of clients throughout the entire working life cycle. SLM helps in managing costs by keeping track of the needs of licenses and quickly acquiring additional licenses within a short interval of time. It also provides audit protection and reflects better on cyber-security aspects of an enterprise. It quickly identifies and eliminates all the under-protected or the unauthorized software with ease. Not to mention, it supports management of multiple versions of software including older versions, and is also efficient in managing the IT resources based on the latest trends and editions.

What is the importance of Software License Management?

The importance of Software License Management is mentioned below:

  • SAM strategy helps in reducing IT expenditures.
  • It frees up valuable human resources.
  • It reduces the risks of compliance
  • Helps in maximizing the software(s)value throughout its lifecycle
  • SLM improves cybersecurity by reducing, identifying, and eliminating under-protected and unauthorized software from the IT state.

Types of Software Licenses:

Whether the program is installed on a digital device or directly on the desktop, all the software has some type of a license attached to it and is a part of the complex data center ecosystem or a part of an expensive enterprise license suite. The various types of Software Licenses are mentioned below:

Lifecycle automation | Hardware Asset Management

Per device or CPU

This is when the software considered is only for an individual machine, regardless of whether it is a data center device or an end-user.

Lifecycle eventalerts | Hardware Asset Management

Per network

This software covers all the machines which are on a specific single network.

Asset auditing | Hardware Asset Management


This licensing type demands a special inspection for the reason of the complex licensing constructs and the high cost factor and includes the number of cores or servers.

Best Practices of Software License Management:

Here are some best practices of Software License Management:

Lifecycle automation | Hardware Asset Management

Automated Audits and Provisioning

It utilizes the updates of the latest software and performs regular checks.

Lifecycle eventalerts | Hardware Asset Management

Measuring Outcomes

It measures the progress and sets the targets against the license cost-saving goals.

Asset auditing | Hardware Asset Management


Returns the used hardware or it automatically uninstalls the unused applications and software after a given period and returns them to your inventory for reuse.

Asset auditing | Hardware Asset Management

Software License Compliance Reports:

Compliance Report of the Software License provides the details of the commercial software with their status of software license compliance which is based upon the input which is provided in the Managed Software Licenses.

Asset auditing | Hardware Asset Management

Why do businesses need to be software license compliant?

Businesses need to be software license compliant because it helps in providing insight about the nuances of their systems, what needs to be updated and what needs to be taken to end-of-life status.

Asset auditing | Hardware Asset Management

How to achieve software license compliance?

In order to achieve software license compliance, one should install the software and use it in the accordance with the terms of the software publisher's license while performing a catalog of all software, computers, and users.

Asset auditing | Hardware Asset Management


Whether you are running a global enterprise or a small start-up business, strong license management is important for your company’s budget or for your business. You can quickly adapt to the needs of the market and can maximize the revenue of your business if you are following the proper practice of software license management.

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