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Software Asset Management (SAM) Software - Take Control of Your Software Assets

We Offer robust Software Asset Management (SAM) Services - ranging from a basic software review to licensing and managed solutions that care of the full software lifecycle.

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Software Asset Management (SAM) Software - Take Control of Your Software Assets

There’s a lot more to software than just the installation part. It should be effectively managed, given that the software ecosystem is the lifeblood of any company. But if you are unaware of your software assets or how each performs, it leads to risky consequences – including lack of productivity, operational inefficiency, and restricted growth. Managing software assets, however, can be a daunting task. After all, multiple stakeholders are involved in a complex journey that involves buying, installing, deploying, maintaining, utilizing, and disposing of software.

EverestIMS Technologies offers robust Software Asset Management (SAM) services - ranging from a basic software review to licensing and managed solutions that take care of the full software lifecycle. We follow an effective software asset management strategy to help make better decisions that lower the company's overall costs while streamlining day-to-day operations.

What is SAM? | Software Asset Management

What is SAM?

Today, future-proofed Software Asset Management (SAM) is the practice of automating and controlling procurement, usage, and deployment of software licenses across the company. SAM focuses on maximizing the ROI of software investments and increasing the scope of savings during any part of the software journey. Some of the other benefits of SAM include strengthening contract or license management, mitigating compliance risks, assessing performance for continuous improvement, and eliminating unplanned costs.

Features of SAM

Maintain accurate software details | Software Asset Management

Maintain accurate software details

Software Asset Management keeps a centralized database of your software and hardware details. It helps in accurate record-keeping and decreases the manual data entry time.

Detailed inventory cataloging | Software Asset Management

Detailed inventory cataloging

Without proper insight into your software assets, you may end up incurring excess costs with duplicate or unused licenses. With SAM, you get automated data updates that will enable you to make the right procurement decisions.

End-to-end control access | Software Asset Management

End-to-end control access

With SAM’s password-protected access feature, you can ensure the safety of sensitive information and prevent security breaches. In addition, it prevents unauthorized access to your data based on specific departments, job roles and locations - leading to transparent and secured asset ownership.

Smart audit scheduling | Software Asset Management

Smart audit scheduling

Software Asset Management offers a holistic view into the extent of software utilization across the company. Hence, you can easily and quickly extract relevant data to showcase adherence to compliance during the filing of audit reports.

Automated license tracking | Software Asset Management

Automated license tracking

It is difficult to track the license expiry or renewal date of every software in the company, considering how complicated and time-consuming the process can be. With an effective SAM tool, you can set alerts about license expiry and be on top of every software contract renewal. It puts you in a better position to understand when to exit a software and opt for a replacement.

Software Depreciation Management | Software Asset Management

Software Depreciation Management

As per general accounting principles, software programs are labeled as fixed assets which means that companies can depreciate these systems on their tax statements. SAM plays a key role in fixed asset management systems by tracking the software programs - from procurement to disposal and depreciating them on the tax statements to decrease the tax liability.

Why is SAM important?

  • Helps in identifying opportunities to gain significant software-related cost savings
  • Boosts overall operational efficiency with scalable innovation
  • Reduces risks associated with compliance
  • Provides more control over software assets and improves the ability to make informed ICT strategy decisions

Benefits of SAM

Cost-saving | Software Asset Management


With a complete overview of your software needs, you know the details of your usage and exactly what you want. It empowers you to buy the right software licenses from the beginning, saving your cost on maintenance and licensing fees. You can also negotiate on a license agreement that can be tailored to your specific needs.

Time-saving | Software Asset Management


SAM is an IT asset management software to help you to make better software purchasing and budgeting decisions. You can respond to audit letters and resolve all software-related problems quickly.

Automation-led speed and accuracy | Software Asset Management

Automation-led speed and accuracy

Automating your software management processes equips you to concentrate on adding strategic value to the company. With regular reports and alerts, you don’t need to waste time looking for future software-related problems while struggling to resolve existing ones.

Some of the SAM tool automation use cases include:

  • Suggesting alternatives to better optimize the software system
  • Informing about high-risk configurations
  • Creating alerts for usage and non-compliance risks
  • Filling software license requests
  • Simulating the data center architecture
Optimized software licenses | Software Asset Management

Optimized software licenses

You can compare your software licenses and check the possible license schemes. That way, you can make the most sensible choice per your environment while keeping an eye on costs.

Ready to get started

Key takeaway | Software Asset Management

Key takeaway

Time can be a game-changer for companies when making decisions that make or break their business goals. Therefore, utilizing their software assets and maximizing the ROI of each one based on measurable business outcomes is of utmost importance.

The need of the hour is a cutting-edge automated software discovery tool to streamline, manage and strengthen your entire technology ecosystem. With the right software management system, you can simplify software licenses, unearth opportunities for cost savings and mitigate security and compliance risks.

EverestIMS Technologies can give you state-of-the-art tools to unlock the true potential of the software stack in your company. We have a proven track record in helping companies across the world realize the value of their software assets.

Talk to our solution experts and get an exclusive demo of our industry-leading software and hardware asset management platform!

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