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IT Reports & Dashboards

Know what matters in your IT ecosystem with multi-department and CXO visibility features

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Harness Multi-Vendor IT Insights With Interactive Reports & Dashboards

Infraon ITIM helps transform raw data on IT infrastructure health, availability, and performance into actionable business intelligence. Share valuable IT insights with interactive reporting capabilities & intuitive data visualization features.

Feature Highlights

Simplified Multi-Vendor IT Management

Manage your multi-vendor IT ecosystem with unified reports & dashboards. Get insights on device & application usage, inventory, events, incidents, etc.

Templated ITIM Dashboards & Reports

Monitor specific parts of your IT infrastructure with prebuilt templates for dashboards & reports. Spot inefficiencies that may disrupt your business.

Complete Reporting Flexibility

Generate reports periodically – with customizable map views, CXO-based views & multi-level views.

Other Features

  • IT Inventory Management

  • Incident & Fault Management

  • Event Management

  • SLA Management

  • Custom Alerts & Notifications