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Building the right knowledge-based management strategy can be a defining moment for your IT administrators & users. It can play a vital role in helping meet KPIs by offering the right resources to resolve issues!

Infraon Infinity is integrated with a portal-based knowledge management system to sort, catalogue, store & share crucial information. Your users can easily post & track answers to all frequently asked questions.

Infraon Knowledge Base

Elevate Your Self-Service Resilience With A Powerful Knowledge Base

Smart ticket management

Deal with repeat issues with in-depth knowledge base resources like articles, videos, etc. Update the knowledge repository with resources articles to improve future resolutions.

Advanced search capabilities

Enable agents & admins to zero in on the right resource in a large knowledge base repository with smart search capabilities. Help users save time & effort by directing them to the right resource.

Our Product Suite is GDPR-Compliant

We are compliant with the European General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) – and
our SaaS-based product suite is fully committed to protecting the data of our customers
as per the recent standards.

Other Features

  • Use an automated ticketing system

  • Track agent performance with advanced supervisor capabilities

  • Customize workflows & rules to accelerate agent productivity

  • Get an auto-suggestion feature to smartly manage support tickets

  • Deliver self-service enablement to boost support resilience

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