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Discover & Manage IT Events With the Power of Infinity

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Having an IT event manager can go a long way to ensure service availability and compliance across the enterprise. However, with all the possible event noise, it’s challenging to find immediate clarity on infrastructure health.

With Infraon Infinity, you can access, publish, and download event data to remotely improve your infrastructure availability and performance. Use automated workflows to detect only genuine events and reduce inconsequential noise.

Detect, Correlate & Manage All Your IT Events
With Intelligent Insights

Automated event management

Use automated event management workflows for routing, deduplication, etc. & help teams avoid repetitive tasks.

Automated remediation

Manage incidents, requests, changes, etc., with automated remediation tasks to resolve issues based on predefined rules.

Automated root cause analysis

Use automated root cause analysis to resolve issues while identifying any upstream or downstream dependencies.

Automated event visibility

Closely watch over IT events relating to faults, updates, changes, etc., with 360-degree visibility in your multi-vendor ecosystem.

Other Features

  • Immediately detect events in real-time

  • Easily log in IT events with advanced filter options

  • Enable smart event correlation to eliminate IT noise

  • Leverage actionable event insights

  • Receive intelligent event alerts