VM Installation Guide

Installation & Configuration (XenServer) of Infraon SecuRA.

  1. Using the links (website/ registered email), download and install the relevant Infraon SecuRA package for Hypervisor.
    • VMWare – ovf
    • Xenserver – vhdx
    • HyperV – xva
  2. SecuRA Linux image file must be copied on to the target machine.
  3. Time Sync: NTP must be installed and system time must be synced with NTP server before installation.
  4. Supported browsers are Chrome, Edge and Firefox.
Steps to install

Follow the below steps to import the “vhdx” into workstation.

  1. Log in to the Xen server Infrastructure software suite.
  2. Click on ‘Import’ from left panel xenserver.
  3. Select the downloaded “vhdx” file which has Infraon SecuRA application and click Next.
  4. Use ‘Browse’ button and select xenserver where the imported VM is placed.
  5. Assign Storage based on usage and click ‘Next’.
  6. Select the appropriate “Network interface” to connect the VM.
  7. Once added, click ‘Next’.
  8. Review Setting selections and click ‘Finish’.
  9. Provide the below Default Username and Password for the Device in the ‘Xenserver’ pop up window:

    Username: root
    Password: Eve!@#$Sec

  10. Assign an IP address (based on availability) by entering into the “NetworkManager TUI”.
  11. Please enter nmtui command to enter “NetworkManager TUI”.
  12. Restart the network to effect connection changes.
  13. Check the firewall to ensure that the port has been added. If not, add port 9000 or relevant port(s) into firewall.
  14. URL is (https://< IP_Address >> e.g.
Please check if the date, time and time zone are correctly set on the mounted vm to continue with initial configuration steps. To verify the date, time and time zone use the date command (e.g. response: Tue Mar 9 09:35:26 IST 2021).

Execute the below script after the above process and confirmation of date, time and time zone.

                    # cd /opt
                    # chmod 777 secura_inital_configuration.sh
                    #sed -i -e 's/\r$//' secura_inital_configuration.sh
                    #./ secura_inital_configuration.sh

Wait for 2 mins to restart SecuRA service before following the below instructions.

  1. Enter the default user name “administrator” and password “admin” in the respective fields.
  2. On Successful login, the "Device View" page appears.
Please refer Help videos to understand Infraon SecuRA better.