User Preferences

User Preferences enables the user select information displayed on pages. By default, page infrmation is based on the role assigned to the user. The user can however customize page view by adding/removing information columns. at this point, information from the below pages can be customised:

  • Devices(Grid)
  • Upload Jobs
  • CLI Jobs

Navigation: User Preference is grouped under User Account which is grouped under icon on the left panel.

Also view other User Account pages:

  • Accounts to create and manage User Accounts.
  • Logged-in user page displays details of users (Username, IP address, Email ID, Account Type, Session start time & Session time) currently logged on to SecuRA.
  • Change Password page, also grouped under the User Account module can be used by the user to change password. Captcha code will be enbled on this page based on selection on 'System Parameter'.