User Groups

Create & manage user groups.

InfraonSecuRA enables the user to deliver event notifications and escalations to a logical cluster of associated personnel, rather than individually assigning notifications to multiple addressees, one by one. This is achieved by assigning users into specific groups. This way, when an alarm is raised, the relevant notification is automatically sent by email/SMS to each user belonging to a designated group.

Three types of User Groups can be created on Infraon SecuRA.

  1. User Group – Where a group of ‘Users’ are added in a Group.
  2. CAB Group – Where selected users are added in a CAB Group. Only these users are authorized to approve any change requests like CLI and Upload Jobs.
  3. User Group Groups – Where Multiple User groups can be added as a Group.

For example, let’s take a Bank, where multiple branches are mapped under a Circle Office, Multiple Circle Offices are mapped under a Zone and multiple zones are controlled directly by the administrators from the DC or the DRC Center. In this Scenario,

  • Individual teams can be created for individual Branch Offices.
  • Multiple Teams (Branches) can be added as a group (Circles).
  • Multiple Groups (Circles) can be added as a group (Zones).

Navigation: User Group is grouped under the User Management icon on the left panel.

Notes for User Group:
  • Users can Add, Edit, Delete, Enable and Disable User Groups using the action icons on the page.
  • Multiple users or user groups can be added as a Group.
  • It is also possible to add users, using a .csv file.
  • Use quick navigation icons to go to Accounts and Roles & Privileges pages.