Upload Jobs

Create and manage configuration profiles.

Upload Job is a controlled way of changing the Device Configuration.

User will be white listed for CLI operations (wouldn't need Approval) only If ‘CLI Job Pre Approved’ permission in enabled in Roles and Privileges.

Navigation: Upload Job is grouped under icon on the left panel.

Notes for Upload Job
  • Users can Add, Edit, Delete, Clone, Enable and Disable Upload Jobs using the action icons.
  • Additionally, users can add tasks using the 'Upload Job Task' icon or reset the Job Schedule using the 'Reset' icon.
  • There are four tabs in the 'Add Upload Job' part:
    • Job Details - Add details like Name, Description, Job Execution Widow etc.
    • Task Details - Add job related tasks, with commands.
    • Schedule Details - Add a Job Schedule.
    • Access Control - Select visibility of the job.
  • Once all the details are added, the user can review job using the 'Review button'
  • If the device(s) vendor is not identified (due to SNMP not being reachable), then the upload Job must be selected with Profile, Protocol and Port to override null entries.

  • Review process displays all Tasks, their definition and completed details including commands to execute before saving the job. Review result can also be exported into Excel and CSV.

    Once the job execution has been completed, we can Re-run the same job.

    • Re-Run option is not available for Active Jobs.
    • Re-Run and Save option is not available for 'Schedule Jobs'.

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