Configuration Templates (Pro Feature)

Types of Configuration Templates.

SecuRA supports six types of templates. They are:

    Template Type Purpose
    Command Execution To execute series of commands on a device one by one, similar to the user executing commands using putty or WinSCP for configuration changes. This must be used for changing small set of configurations which does not require to be rolled back to previous commands.
    Configuration Merge To upload a command block on device. This should be used for creating or merging a service. Rolling back the block is possible in case of failure of command inside block. Rollback feature depends on Device support.
    Configuration Replace To replace a full configuration on device. This should be used for replacing default configurations or discrepancies within configurations with the backed-up configuration versions.
    Network Task Automation Similar to Command Execution which executes series of command on a device, one by one. Similar to user executing commands using putty or WinSCP. This should be used for network automation tasks which is mainly used for routine work.
    Network Diagnosis To perform Network and service diagnosis operations. This template is mainly for get or display operations and avoid adding Configuration change commands into this Template.
    Device Authorization Profiles To define the command sets to control which user can execute or deny in execution of which command on particular device models.