Roles & Privileges

Create roles for users & add module based privileges.

This page is used to create roles and select the privileges for the role. Defining a role is a mandatory step in creating a user account. It is possible to create user accounts without assigning roles. However these user accounts will be in disabled state till a role is assigned.

Selecting privilege is part of creating a role.

Navigation: Roles & Privileges is grouped under the User Management icon on the left panel.

Role Name cannot be edited.

If a Role has been assigned to a User, administrator will be unable to delete the role.

There are three types of role available on Infraon SecuRA:

Role Description
Network Administrator A Network Administrator has complete unlimited access including privileges to access, add, edit, delete, execute and export for all the modules applicable as per SecuRA license.
Operator Operator access includes privileges to access, add, edit, delete, execute and export across modules excluding Audit Trail, Configuration Profiles, Device Authentication & Authorization profiles, Device Credentials, Email Server Configuration and User Management modules.
Remote Access Remote Access role enables the user to only access (read-only) selected modules such as CLI Jobs, Device View, Device Grid, SSH & Telnet pages.
Notes for Roles & Privileges:
  • Administrators can Add, Edit, Delete Roles using the action icons on the page.
  • Privileges can be changed using Edit Role option.
  • Privileges can be selected from the given option (Diagnostics, Change Own Password and SecuRA Administration) or select ‘All” to give all privileges to the selected role.
  • Privileges can be selected at individual module level i.e. Privileges can be given either to only access the modules, or privileges to add/edit/delete, or to execute and export, or all the above mentioned.
  • Use quick navigation icons to go to Accounts and User Groups pages.