Reports and Report Widgets.

The Report module allows the user to choose the kind of information the user needs and present the complete details of the devices and its configuration in a user-friendly graph. With all relevant information plotted in a single graph, the user can easily access different statistics and isolate any potential bottlenecks in the infrastructure setup in the event of any performance situation.

SecuRA contains pre-defined set of report widgets that can be used to create reports containing crucial information about the network.

Navigation: Report is grouped under icon on the left panel.

By defining access control restrictions on reports, the administrator can control the users or user groups with view access to the reports. All reports can be exported into a PDF format; however, data table reports are also available in Excel and CSV formats.

There are multiple Report Types available on SecuRA. They are:

  1. CLI Job Report
  2. Change Job Trend Graph
  3. Device CLI Job Statistics Report
  4. Device Component Report
  5. Device Interface Report
  6. Device Upload Job Statistics Report
  7. Network Inventory Report
  8. Network Operations Report
  9. Network Task Automation Report
  10. Server Performance Report
  11. System Audit Report
  12. Upload Job Audit Report
  13. Upload Job Command Summary Report
  14. Upload Job Summary Report
  15. User Activity Report
  16. User Audit Report

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