Pre-Requisites of Infraon SecuRA

List of things to review before installing SecuRA

Before installing Infraon SecuRA, please review the below points:

  • Time Sync: NTP must be installed and system time must be synced with NTP server prior to installation.
  • Preferred OS version: Oracle Linux 8.3.
  • It is recommended to enable SNMP in the target devices, to get additional details of the inventories at the time of discovery.
  • Ensure that the SSH details are shared with Infraon Support team.
Updating time post installation would lead to data mismatch among other serious issues and might lead to software re-installation.
Checklist for onboarding Devices on to Infraon SecuRA:

  • Device is reachable through PING from SecuRA server.
  • SNMP has been enabled in all the devices.
  • Time zone is synced with NTP Server.
  • Proxy is configured on the server.
  • Daemon is configured.
  • FTP and TFTP are functioning properly.
  • Ensure that all the the below System Parameters are set.
    • IP
    • Location of TFTP
    • Repo is local
    • Policy check enabled during review
    • Default Connection protocol is SSH
  • Global Parameters are configured as per the requirement.
  • Configuration Profile, Templates and Rules are imported as per the requirement.
  • Device Credentials are added as per the requirement.
  • SELINUX is in 'Permissive' mode.
  • Daemon is properly configured with the related Port. For e.g. if SecuRA (application) has been configured with “9000” port but has been mapped with “8000” on daemon the application keeps rebooting often.