Password Policy

Define password policy and access control for users.

Passwords are mandatory to verify user identity (authentication) and protect information. It is important to have stronger password policies across the organizaton and the same can be configured on Infraon SecuRA. Administrator has user passwords (applicable at the time of account creation and password reset). This can be configured to follow internal and external compliances.

Navigation: Password Policy is grouped under the User Management icon on the left panel.

Password Policy contains two tabs - Password Policy and Access Control. Password Policy tab contains options to customize passwords including Password Length, Upper/Lower Case, Numbers, Symbols, Frequency to Change Password and so on. Access Control tab lets the user choose privacy level of the policy.

Notes for Password Policy:
  • Users can Add, Edit and Delete Policies using the action icons on the page.
  • It is possible to maintain multiple password policies within SecuRA and assign it to inidividual Users.
  • Navigate to the User Accounts page by clicking on .