Notification Overview

Schedule and manage notifications.

Infraon SecuRA sends notifications to the configured users on the occurrence of a particular event(s) within the network. It also allows the user to subscribe for specific events. When the defined type of event occurs, SecuRA notifies users through a notification method that the user has configured i.e., Email, SMS, SNMP trap, BatchNotifierAPI, XML notification etc.

There are multiple steps involved in configuring the notifiers (based on the type of notifier). Notifier method must be configured before adding notifier alerts.

To enable notification alerts, the below configurations must be done:

Notifier alerts are assigned to notification channels and business profiles. All business profiles linked to a notification alert receive notifications during specified time slots (as applicable).

Examples of events that can be subscribed for users are:

  • Configuration upload fails.
  • New devices identified after a discovery is complete.
  • Upload Job execution is unsuccessful.
  • Upload is created or modified.
Notification channels

The following notification channels are available for configuring alerts:

  • SMS
  • SNMP trap
  • Email
  • Syslog
  • Batch File
  • REST Approval API
  • REST Incident API
Rule to create Notifier

Notifier must be created using SecuRA configured Username for Upload job and CLI job requests, since approval and Requester notification processs uses the same mechanism.

For example: If username is “NOC Operations”, a notifier with the same name must be created, which in this case is“NOC Operations”.