Manage module of SecuRA.

Manage module of infraon SecuRA enables the Network administrator to manage and monitor SecuRA configurations like License Upgrade, System Parameters, Process Configuration, Database Configuration, Application Details and SecuRA Memory Dump.

  • Restart Application is used to restart Infraon SecuRA.
  • License Upgrade page is used to perform License Upgrade. Please note that application restart is mandatory when the license file is uploaded.
  • System Parameters page displays name and value of parameters globally used by SecuRA. Though this is an open field, it is advised to ‘Not Modify’ the parameter value without knowing the parameter usage and impact. Parameters can be applied to a specific process or across all processes by using ‘apply all’ or ‘apply specific’ process button.
  • Process Config (Sub Section) enables the Network administrator configure the Process related information like Process Name, Port & Host Configurations and Debug Settings.
  • Database configuration page can be used database server related information.
  • Application Details (Sub Section) enables the administrator to update application (SecuRA) details like License Details, Process Details, Remote Process Status, Thread & Database Status.
  • Memory dump page displays Memory details of the application.
  • About Infraon SecuRA page displays information about the application.
Features of SecuRA are dependent on the type of License purchased by the organization. An Interpretation of important parameters at the License Information page with examples is provided below for users to understand how licensing works. This allows clear understanding of features that are enabled with License and the response to be taken in view of breach of one or more License Parameters in SecuRA.