Log in to SecuRA

Access Infraon SecuRA and Login

SecuRA is managed via “Internet Browsers” and is best viewed on latest version of Google Chrome, Microsoft Edge and Mozilla Firefox. To access SecuRA, go to the corresponding URL <http(s)://domain-name or server IP address>.

Provide the below credentials

  • Username
  • Password
  • Captcha Code
Select the landing page (Start in) using the dropdown menu and click ‘Login’. If no page is selected, SecuRA will redirect the user to the Default Landing Page.

Notes for Login:
  1. Browser cookie feature must be enabled for SecuRA domain URL to maintain the session details.
  2. SecuRA Domain Browser cache must be cleared when the SecuRA server is upgraded.
  3. On successful authentication, the user will be redirected to Device View Page.
  4. Please note that the SSO feature is available on Google Chrome at this point of time.
For compliance reasons, please note that SecuRA would prompt the user to change password, if logging in for the first time.