Discover Devices on SecuRA

Ways to Discover Devices on SecuRA.

Discovery is the process of boarding devices into SecuRA through SNMP and PING protocol. SecuRA supports all version of SNMP including v1, v2c and v3. Infraon SecuRA suuports IP and Hostname Discovery.

SNMP is mandatory on all devices. Non SNMP devices would be boarded on SecuRA (using PING) with zero inventory details of the device (Even basic information like Hostname, Vendor, Series, Model, Serial Number, Device Type, Interfaces will be unavailable). If devices are discovered using Ping, user must manually update Vendor & Configuration Profile information.

SecuRA supports three ways of Discovering Devices from network.

Notes for Discovery:
  1. IP address and Host Name uniqueness should be maintained throughout the application. Device managing through dynamic IP Address is not recommendable.
  2. SecuRA Discovery module does not allow adding same Device more than once through other IP’s of same Device, meaning when a Device is already added through Loopback/interface IP, the same Device cannot be added through any of its Network IP.
  3. Duplicate Discovery of IP is not recommended.
  4. Check Device View Page for results.