Device Group

Group devices based on the requirement.

Device Group is a way of grouping devices under a profile based on Vendor, Configuration Profile, State, City, Location, and Device Type etc. Device Group profiles can be applied in User Group (for enabling user to access devices on selected Device Group Profile), Reports, Dashboards, Upload Job Device Selection, Device Grid pages for filtering purpose etc.

Navigation: Device Group is grouped under the User Management icon on the left panel.

Notes for Device Group:
  • Users can Add, Edit and Delete Device Groups using the action icons on the page.
  • Users can be added inividually or as User Group or using a CSV file.
  • Multiple conditions/filters can be applied to enable better customizations. Select a condition (AND/OR) using the dropdown. When more than one Filter is selected, the condition value will be used to define how the conditions must be met.
  • Click on 'View Devices' icon to view list of devices added to the selected group.

Infraon SecuRA supports the following Conditional Operators:

  • IN
  • NOT IN
  • Or
  • Equal (=)
  • Not Equal (!=)
  • Like
  • Greater (>)
  • Greater or Equal (>=)
  • Lesser (<)
  • Lesser or Equal (<=)


It is recommended to perform Bulk 'IP Copy Paste' action rather than selecting the IPs one by one. The following formats are supported in device group

  • (space separator)
  •,, (comma separated IPs)
  • 192.168.50.* (CIDR format)
  • C192.168.50,1-3 (Range of IPs)
  • All the above with a Comma separator