Device Credentials

Configure and manage connection protocols for devices.

Device Credentials’ module of Infraon SecuRA enables the administrator/user configure and store Device/Account information such as login credentials (user name, password, enable password) of a specific Connection Protocol across SNMP/SSH/TELNET/FTP/HTTP. Device Credentials are used in ‘Discovery’and hence it is important to create before discovering the devices for management.

Appropriate device communication protocol must be selected while configuring device credentials in order build successful connectivity.

Navigation: Device Credential is grouped under the User Management icon on the left panel.

Notes for Device Credentials:
  • Once the connection protocol is selected, addiitonal fields appear. Parameters relevant to the selection must be added accordingly.
  • Users can Add, Edit and Delete device credentials using the action icons on the grid page.

Default Device Credentials on Infraon SecuRA

Local Account

Local Account profile is used by all Infraon SecuRA processes to connect to SecuRA DB Server in order to upload Configuration into TFTP Repository and to trigger DB Backup process.

Mention the login credentials for SecuRA DB Server and save.