Device CSV Upload

Discover devices using CSV upload option.

Device CSV Upload Discovery is an advanced form of Automatic Discovery where in the administrator can initiate discovery using the sample CSV file. The first row of the template contains column headings for default values.

Column names must not be changed from the default ones.

The administrator will be able to discover a bulk of devices with additional device information (in addition to the default ones) like the device's geographical location (State, City, Address), contact details of the user managing the device, Product Type, Service Type, Device Priority, Device managing Process and so on.

Output of CSV Upload is the same as Auto discovery. Information related to failed discoveries will be returned in .csv file. Users can make changes as per the error returned and re-upload.

Navigation: Device CSV Upload is grouped under the icon on the left panel.

Follow the below instructions to initiate discovery:

  1. Input all columns of Upload CSV file (IP Address, Flag, Process are mandatory fields).
  2. Flag value to add/Discover a device is '1'.
  3. Select .csv file to upload.
  4. Check the box (validation types) to know error types.
  5. Click 'Upload File' to initiate Discovery.
Notes for Device CSV Upload:
  • IP address uniqueness must be maintained throughout the application.
  • Result of discovery will be updated in the Device View Page.