Configuration Profile

Create and manage configuration profiles.

Network administrators can create and customize configuration profiles with information like device details and connection protocols for SSH and Telnet.

Navigation: Configuration Profile is grouped under the configuration icon on the left panel.

Notes to add Configuration Profile

There are multiple tabs in the ‘Add Configuration Profile’ page. They are:

  • Profile - Add details like Name, Vendor, Model, OS etc.
  • Connection - Input connection details (SSH/Telnet) & Local connect commands.
Example for SSH:

      {% if Job.connection_protocol == "SSH" %}
      ssh -o 
      StrictHostKeyChecking=no -o UserKnownHostsFile=/dev/null
       {{Profile.ssh_loginname}}@{{Device.IPaddress}} -p {{Profile.ssh_port}}
      {% endif %}
Notes for Configuration Profile
  • Infraon SecuRA comes with 30+ configuration profiles. However, administrators can Add, Edit, Delete, Copy, Import and Export profiles using the action icons on the page.
  • Configuration Profiles are mandatory to add devices on to Infraon SecuRA.