Command Comments

Comment inside Commands (Configuration Template).

SecuRA also supports writing of Comments inside the command portion of Configuration Template, for better understanding of commands. To define a line as a comment, add # character at the beginning of a line.

‘User Account’ module of SecuRA has been modified to enable ‘Hierarchy Level Approval’ privileges. It is also possible to mark an account as temporary by selecting the Start and End date under 'Temporary Account Period'(This is a SecuRA Pro Feature).

Example for adding Comments inside commands:
  • # Make Terminal Len 0
  • <command prompt="#" timeout="60">terminal length 0 </command >
  • # Copy the Image to Flash
  • <command prompt="]\?" timeout="60">copy tftp flash: </command >
  • # Remove boot system
  • <command prompt="#" timeout="60">no boot system </command >
At the time of execution, SecuRA ignores all lines starting with # (comment lines).

See how to use Variable Substitutions in SecuRA