CLI Jobs

Create and manage configuration profiles.

CLI Jobs in SecuRA are used to make direct CLI session (Either SSH or TELNET) between the Device and User through SecuRA application. By using CLI Job user can write direct commands on devices similar to putty application.

User will request CLI connection by inputting Device IP Address, Device account username (in case of SSH) and the reason for connection. Based on the user’s role (administrator privileged or CLI white listed or normal user) CLI job will either open direct connection to the device or put the CLI request into Request Queue for Change Approval process.

CLI Job will audit all the commands executed by users on devices including device response.

User will be white listed for CLI operations (wouldn't need Approval) only If ‘CLI Job Pre Approved’ permission in enabled in Roles & Privileges

Navigation: CLI Job is grouped under icon on the left panel.

How to establish a CLI Connection?
  • Click on icon on the respective device line, from the Device View page.
  • Select SSH or Telnet (as required) from the Device Actions section.
  • Provide login credentials for SSH or Telnet accordingly.
  • If the user is whitelisted, CLI session is initiated immediately. In case of a non-whitelisted user, the request would be submitted for approval. The submitted request expires in an hour, unless approved.