Authentication Profile

Create & manage User Authentication Profile.

Device Authentication Profile enables authentication of user/user groups (i.e. to verify user identity) to access device(s) through CLI session and thereby enabling SSO from the Device View page.

Navigation: Authentication Profile is grouped under the icon on the left panel.

Authentication Profile contains two tabs - Profile details and Access Control. Profile Details tab contains options to configure profile details including IP, Device Credentials, Device Group, Connection Protocol and Status. Access Control tab lets the user choose privacy level of the profile.

When a user is authenticated, SSO icons - (SSH) (Telnet) (RDP Access) and (VNC Access) are enabled in the Device ( Device View ) page. User(s) can click on this icon to sign-in (SSH or Telnet as selected by the administrator) without being prompted for authentication. Please note that only Google Chrome (browser) supports Single Sign-On at this time.
Notes for Authentication Profiles:
  • Users can Add, Edit, Delete, Clone, Enable and Disable Authentication Profiles using the action icons on the page.
  • Multiple users can be authenticated for a single IP, enabling multiple users to access the same IP.
  • Duplicate authentication profiles cannot be created for the same user.
  • Clone Profile option can be used to copy a profile i.e. to duplicate an existing profile with minimal changes in the profile using the quick action icon. Add Authentication Profile page appears with pre-filled details. Make changes as required and save the profile.